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Dish Network Internet Packages

By Brian Stevens

If you reside in a remote location and are working with slow-as-molasses dialup Web service, or perhaps have no Internet service , you can now obtain high-speed Internet service by satellite.Here's how to get reasonably priced high speed Dish Internet service anywhere in the U.S.

So how does dishNET Internet work?

When you buy Internet service, a satellite dish as well as an Internet modem are installed at your house or business. When you get on the Internet, your computer sends out a signal to your modem which transmits the signal to your satellite dish. The signal is then sent to a satellite hovering 4 miles above the earth. The satellite sends out that signal to a receiving station which in turn transmits it to the world wide web.

After the Internet site is found, a signal is transmitted back to the receiving station, then up to the satellite and down to your satellite dish where the modem decodes the signal and delivers it to your computer.

Dish Network Speed

Depending on the plan you decide on, dishNET Internet is as much as 200 times faster than 56K dialup service, plus 3 times faster as compared to DSL (digital subscriber line). This means you can search the Internet fast and easy and download photographs, music files, and movies in a fraction of the time it will take with dialup.

A Comparison

A sizable computer software download (1GB) will take 2 weeks using dialup service, and just 2 minutes with dish Internet. Uploading an entire, 160 Mbps music album normally takes 65 hours using dialup, but just 16 seconds by using Dish Internet.

Does Dish Internet tie up my telephone line as dialup service does?

No,it doesn't make use of your phone line so you're able to get telephone calls plus talk on the telephone when you use the Internet. No more waiting for your better half, kids, or partner to get off of the telephone so that you can get on the Internet. And no more wondering if you missed a phone call.

Do I need to wait to get on the Internet?

With Dish Network you will not waste your time trying to log on and wait for your computer to access the Internet because it provides you an "always on" connection.

How does it compare with other satellite Internet services?

dishNET Satellite Internet You will get Internet services with as much as 10 Mbps upload speed plus 2 Mbps download speed for $39.99 per month. You'll get free installation and there's a $10 a month equipment lease. (Note: $39.99 is the fee when combined with Dish Network satellite TV service, and $49.99 with no satellite TV service)

HughesNet You can get Internet service with as much as 10 Mbps upload speeds in addition to 1 Mbps download for $59.99 a month. There is a $10 equipment lease charge, and you get free installation after a $99 mail-in rebate.

WildBlue You will get Internet service with 10 Mbps upload speed along with 1 Mbps download for $49.99 monthly. There is a $10 equipment lease fee in addition to a $149.99 set up fee. (Note: service is not available in all locations)


With dishNET you can get extremely fast, reliable high-speed Internet services and have every one of the benefits the Internet offers for a little more than $1 per day.


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