dimanche 17 novembre 2013

Step By Step Instructions To Take Care Of Putting Green Turf

By Katy Kline

Previously, putting green turf was mainly used for golfers to practice their games without actually going to the natural golf course. Nowadays synthetic putting greens have various other uses as well. Many homeowners have started utilizing them as a replacement for real grass because they are easing to maintain as compared to natural grass.

Although this type of turf is artificial but it looks like the real thing this is the reason why more and more people are installing them in their homes. They are easy to maintain but you need to take care of them on a regular basis if you want to increase its durability and look. Make sure that you sweep the turf regularly so that nothing gets stuck in between. Its best to wipe off excess moisture that can be trapped inside the putting after it rains.

To keep the fibers fresh looking and strong, you need to brush the artificial turf every now and then. You would feel the difference once you start to brush it regularly because it would appear to be more fresh looking and clean as compared to before when you were not brushing it.

Garden or leaf blower could also help in maintaining the artificial grass. When you aerate with the help of a blower, it gets rid of dirt particles and other kind of substances that were stuck within the fibers of the synthetic putting. Aerating also helps in making it look more fluffy and lush.

Some people also try to vacuum artificial grass in order to maintain its fresh green look. Vacuuming definitely helps the fibers that start looking dirty after sometime. Always ensure that it is not damp because otherwise vacuum might not prove to be much helpful in getting rid of dirt that is captured in the grass.

You could also try scrubbing and conditioning the turf as it will keep it clean and tidy. Its best if you follow this process regularly so that it never gets dirty at all. You need to buy scrubber and conditioner that is suitable for using on synthetic grass so its ideal to buy an industrial or heavy duty machine. Never try using products that are not suitable for the artificial grass because you might damage it instead of cleaning it.

Artificial grass can sometimes be a bit expensive as compared to natural grass therefore you should put your effort to keep it in good condition for longer. If you ignore taking care of it then after a few years it will look awful as its quality deteriorates and you will have to re-install the grass as this would be the only option left to you.

Therefore putting green turf is gaining popularity among people who want to keep their garden lush and green all year round. It is definitely an easy to maintain option as compared to actual grass but still you must properly take care of it otherwise the quality might not remain the same after some time.

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