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Top Engagement Shot Places From A Kansas City Photographer

By Dave Smith

Photographers in Kansas City have a lot of great places to select from when it comes to getting some great engagement photos. Kansas City is filled with amorous settings to best capture a couple in love. Let us look at a number of the top locations for Kansas City photographers to go for excellent engagement pictures.

Go downtown to Union Station in Kansas City a ton of top quality images. The absolute diversity and beauty of the place makes for the best setting for virtually any photographer in Kansas City. They have gigantic windows that let in natural light, a grand hall clock, vaulted ceilings and wonderful buildings.

If you're looking for an unique urban setting, the Crossroads is an exceptional location to take your pics customers. There is so much energy and character in the Crossroads that it has turned into a favorite spot for photographers in Kansas City to go.

The possibilities are truly endless at the Kansas City River Market. Originally a dock on the Missouri River, it's now home to one of the Midwest's biggest open air farmers' markets, together with to residential lofts, heaps of fascinating stores, cafes, and ethnic markets. Incorporating buildings from one of the city's oldest districts affords Kansas City photographers a number of unique opportunities to fully capture the heart of their client's relationship.

At Powell Gardens, surrounded by a large number of plants, magnificent flowers and impeccable landscaping, photographers in Kansas City have limitless options that serve to emphasize their theme. Soft shades as well as natural light make this an ideal outdoor space for Kansas City engagement pictures.

Spanish architecture, a good amount of beautiful sculptures and fountains, and tiled mosaic provide the Country Club Plaza, an up-scale shopping district, with amazing appointment pictures options. This is an ideal location for the Kansas City photographer to bring their customers. Beauty just surrounds this place.

Should you be looking for a peaceful environment that comes with an urban feel and is a hot-spot for photographers, Kansas City's Loose Park could be the spot to go. The lush landscaping of Loose Park is yet another top location for the local photographer to bring their customers.

From the historic districts that supply a rich, urban backdrop for a photo session, to the romance of tailored gardens, there is a rich collection of artistic opportunities available to Kansas City photographers. There is absolutely no dearth of amazing places for the photographer to bring his clients to in Kansas City.

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