jeudi 7 novembre 2013

Is A New Sound System Really Necessary

By Eric M Odessean

Advanced sound systems are becoming more and more prevalent these days. As technology, in general, becomes more advanced many businesses and churches are looking into upgrading or installing state of the art sound systems to make worship and events more pleasant for attendees. Is a new sound system really necessary and what should you be looking for? With money being an obvious issue for all of us, being frugal is necessary while being educated is a must.

Price is often the biggest consideration when we're talking about upgrading or expanding a PA system or audio visual system for a church or any other establishment, as far as that's concerned. Some people are going to balk at the price tag, of course, but the necessity and need should be discussed first. An old sound system can be embarrassing to any venue, as a whole. Whether it be your normal Sunday service, a wedding or any gathering, it sets a bad tone, so to speak, when malfunctions occur or when the sound system simply isn't as robust and reliable as you might hope it could be. Imagine having a problem during a wedding or having older attendees having difficulty hearing the speaker from the back of a large room. Vital information is lost and people become frustrated.

A new audio visual system is a piece of equipment that should work without issue and make the time spent in your hallowed halls pleasant. It should enhance the service or event and not detract from it with hissing, popping and crackling or poor performance. Newer technology is so invisible to the viewer that they might not even notice that the person talking is wearing a wireless headset or that the sound speakers are even present in the building. The days of big microphones or trying to hide a lapel mic are gone.

When researching what your venue needs as far as a new PA or audio visual system, keep an open mind. Find out about the various technologies and options that are available to you. As technology speeds off into the future, these technologies become less expensive and more feasible. While you might think that all you want to do is replace an aging sound system with one that is more reliable, you might find that you can add options that you had never even thought of before like CCTV, recording of services or even broadcasting of services or events.

Sizing your sound system to your present venue is all well and good but looking to the future and knowing that there's a pretty good chance that your organization will be growing is also an important thought to keep in mind. Start out small with a good quality system that can be scaled, expanded, used in different capabilities as well as adding different functionality to it as time goes on is important. Have fun and embrace the technology that is available to you these days as you research your new sound system for your venue or organization.

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