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Valuable Information About High Visibility Safety Products

By Bonnie Contreras

High visibility safety products are necessary for all working environments with poor visibility either at daytime or at night. Persons working in such areas with low light are at high risk of being injured or hurt. Therefore they utilize these products either by wearing them or placing them at the scene of work to improve their visibility and hence avert accidents.

Examples of occupations that need staff to utilize these protective equipments include the following; industrial jobs, emergency response, traffic control, roadside construction among other jobs. Workers have therefore no choice but to utilize these materials whenever in the work area. The importance of these products even made it a requirement by the law as a condition for risky work areas with poor light conditions.

What makes these products highly visible is due to the fact that they have been made of reflective fluorescent materials. Other than this, they also have a retro reflective band around them to enhance visibility. Therefore when these materials are hit with any kind of light, they reflect back the light to the source of light and thereby making persons wearing them to be seen clearly.

The fluorescent colors in which these materials come in include the following; orange, yellow, red and lime green. Other than reducing accidents from incoming traffic, these safety equipments ensure that workers see each other and therefore avoid hurting one another. A point to note also is that these materials are not only worn at night, but also day time as there are certain jobs such as construction work where the light conditions are poor due to dirt cloud among other causes.

People should also know that these protective products have been grouped into three classes to differentiate places with very poor perceptibility from those that are not very poor in lighting. Class 1 equipments are utilized in conditions where the traffic is slow and employees can see incoming and outgoing vehicles. Therefore for them, the safety vests make them noticeable. As for class 2, the speed is high and or individuals may not see incoming traffic well.

When it comes to class 3 type, these ones are full body protection materials from the jackets to the trousers and also overalls. They are used in highly risky environments to provide visibility in the shortest distance possible. In such places, workers cannot see incoming traffic as the speed is very high, so they ought to be spotted from a distance. Apart from the clothing, other equipments used to increase visibility include; LED flashers, strobes and beacons, batons, reflective tapes warning flags among other equipments.

The reason why LED lights are utilized more than the normal light is because they not only provide light but they also glow. Traffic cones are also used in road construction to guide drivers not to get into construction areas. The cones are usually red not necessarily in fluorescent color as it usually used day time and clearly seen.

Therefore the importance of high visibility safety products cannot be overemphasized. But persons should not use these items only when working in the poor visibility areas, other protective equipment such as the helmets, boots should also be utilized. Individuals should however ensure to purchase high quality materials.

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