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How To Select A Competent Philadelphia Divorce Attorney

By Sonya Riley

Many couples face various challenges during their married life. While this is normally, at times, things can get complicated and some problems may not be resolved adequately. In such a case, then it is advisable to dissolve the marriage and each person to start a new life separately. This can be easy when there are no children or property to be divided. However, if there are, you will need the services of a proficient Philadelphia divorce attorney.

Separation is not an easy process. It is emotionally challenging and it takes a lot of time and resources. Therefore, those who are separating need to have a clear strategy on what they want. If you want to have custody of the children, then you will need a lawyer to help you file that as well. Below are some simple guidelines to help you choose a respectable lawyer.

Ask for help from friends. There are many people who have go through divorce and their advice can really help you. Ask them to refer you to the lawyer they hired if they would recommend him/her. If not then ask why you should avoid that particular professional. You can also share your concerns with your social group members who can also help out.

When you get a potential lawyer, check how long he/she has been practicing. Experience is what refines a legal officer. Therefore, you should expect quality services from more experienced experts. Such an individual would analyze the case and look at the factors that have led to the situation before advising you on the way forward.

Check track records. Not all lawyers are equal, so do not assume that as long as you have a divorce attorney, you are god to go. There are those who are quite good at negotiations and giving legal counsel, but they are not excellent when the cases end up in court. Choose someone who has won many court cases, especially in the recent past.

Hire a family law expert. You need a specialized in the field so as to get better services and advice. Unlike general lawyers who deal with all sorts of cases, specialists only handle cases in their fields. This ensures that they are highly informed and knowledgeable about the court proceedings. They can also advice you on how to best resolve the differences.

Ensure you get someone who is licensed by the state. This is a prerogative of the Philadelphia Bar Association, so contact them or check their website to see if the person has a valid license that is active. Ensure the person his not facing any disciplinary actions such as withdrawal of license if disbarment.

A good lawyer should be highly educated. Some people just rely on the four years of education they received when in law school. This cannot be enough in the modern world. Laws are changing constantly and civil cases are becoming rather dynamic. Therefore, continued education is necessary.

Once you have considered all the above factors, think about the personality of the individual. You need a Philadelphia divorce attorney that you can share your secrets with without feeling uncomfortable. He/she should be able to respect client-lawyer confidentiality.

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