jeudi 14 novembre 2013

The Linesman Tension Load Tool

By Bonnie Contreras

People who work with power cables need to know their tools will not let them down. The linesman tension load tool is one of the tools these people rely on. Like all their other tools these workers need to be sure they are light, easy to carry but still tough and reliable.

A Linesman is a highly skilled job. Having the skill to repair and work with the high voltage of our main power lines is hard enough but being able to scale poles and masts like a monkey, is also a major part of the job. Working at heights like this, they have to know that they can rely on all their equipment at all times.

When climbing around on metal framework or hanging from a pole the worker needs to have all his tools at hand. Suspended from his belt he carries everything he needs, so the tools need to be light, compact and tried and tested Once up there these people want to just concentrate on the job and get it done as quickly and safely as possible not be worrying if a tool will brake or jam.

This job consists of general maintenance and repair which sounds easy but it can be necessary to work in very hazardous conditions. These people travel the county repairing damaged or weak cables, but a lot of the weaknesses only show up in bad weather. This means that they work in some of the worst situations.

There are not that many people who would enjoy climbing around in freezing temperatures or in high winds but these people make that their work. They take it all in their stride and never let us down when we need them most. They just consider it is what they do and get on with it.

They can travel miles in a day to get from one site of damage or failure to another, this means that this can be a very lonely life choice. Working in remote areas across and over rough terrain and mountains, they see very little of their family and friends. Thanks to them we can sit in comfort and warmth with our loved ones in winter.

In the depth of winter when frost and snow brings down power cables leaving whole communities without power, in the dark often without heating. Sometimes cables are torn from their supports by high winds and hang perilously over roads and rivers. Then there are times when really low temperatures put extra strain on the cables and they brake or develop faults. These are the times when these brave people are out in force putting the country back on its feet.

These are the times when a linesman tension load tool and the other equipment is needed and it has to have proved itself effective. Using this to bridge the fault while the cable is replaced or parts repaired makes it possible to do the job smoothly. So this is when the equipment really has to be reliable, strong and tough.

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