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Get Hermes Scarves On Sale To Create Hundreds Of Looks

By Katrina Wheeler

Every year, a new look is all the rage. Sometimes it's bohemian or ethnic or romantic, other times it's all about understated elegance. Keeping up can be expensive but if you stock up on a few Hermes scarves on sale, you can create hundreds of looks to be right on trend all the time.

Hermes is the first and the last word in accessories. The Parisian company's history dates back more than a 150 years, when it made saddleware for the upper classes from all over Europe. In 1918 it made a golf jacket for the Prince of Wales and branched into clothing. During the Twenties, handbag and women's couture ranges followed. Then, in 1937, it launched the scarves that made the company a household name.

A Hermes scarf is usually made of silk, although the company also creates collections made of a cashmere and silk blend. Each scarf is printed with an intricate design and every year, two collections of designs are released. It measures 90 cm by 90 cm, making it just the right size to be incredibly versatile.

Right from the beginning, fashionistas were clamoring for the gorgeous scarves. They've been worn by real royalty like Queen Elizabeth and by entertainment royalty like Sharon Stone, who used them in one of her sexiest film scenes. Princess Grace of the small country of Monaco once broke her arm and used a scarf as an arm sling. Every 25 seconds a scarf is sold and some people even use them for home decor, turning them into cushions and wall hangings.

The designs are courtesy of freelance artists who, over a period of a year or so, work with the company's production team to come up with new ideas. The final design is then analyzed to see exactly which colors it consists of. The average number of colors in a design is 27. The workshop then makes a separate printing plate for each color and the design is carefully printed onto the fabric. Finally a seamstress adds tiny stitches around the edges.

There are many different ways to tie a scarf. The most basic is to fold it into a triangular shape, then fold it two or three more times to create a long piece of fabric. This can then be knotted around the neck in various fashions.

You don't even have to use the scarf only as something tied around your neck. It's big enough to turn into a top or a tunic, for instance. Tie it around your head for a bohemian gypsy look or fold it into a turban. It can even function as a handbag or as wrapping paper. The company now has an app that includes video tutorials but you'll also find several other ideas online.

The best way to find Hermes scarves on sale is to wait for the January or end-of-season sales and then browse any boutique or upmarket department store that stocks these versatile items. You may also find ones online. Some auction sites may even have vintage designs available. You won't regret making the investment since it's an instant way to update your wardrobe and add a little glamour.

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