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The Secret To Creating Stunning Pressed Flower Art

By Katrina Wheeler

The biggest mistake people make when attempting to create pressed flower art, crafts or paintings is using the wrong type of paper. The paper is the most important part of the entire piece and can make or break the project. Flower craft projects look professional and unique when the creator understands the importance of using the right paper.

Watercolor paper is a popular paper. Watercolor paper, a special painting paper, is textured. Texture is desirable because the flowers will adhere better to the base layer. Cold-Pressed watercolor paper with a medium grade works best for attaching flowers. Watercolor paper also helps create a stunning overall effect. Paper made for watercolors are often tinted by using colored charcoal, or can be painted with watercolors.

When store-bought paper does not match the image in an artist's head, then making paper by hand is often the next best choice. Handmade paper is fitting and appropriate for art work involving pressed blossoms, petals or leaves. Paper made by hand can be made to be semi-transparent, and is a good paper to use for protective top layers.

Ingres paper, also known as laid paper, is a lesser known paper used to make dazzling artwork. Ingres paper, discovered by a French painter, is woven. The special way Ingress is woven leaves it with a raised texture. Flowers firmly attach to Ingres paper. Not all flowers are vibrant after being dried. The dark rich color of Ingres paper tends to be most appropriate when using vibrant flowers.

Japanese paper has many uses in arts and crafts and is appropriate to use when working with dried and flattened petals, blossoms and stems. There are many types of Japanese paper. It is essential to choose a type with a thick and rough finish. The benefit of using this more delicate paper is the wide selection of paper types, grades and colors.

Flowers are very delicate once the moisture has been drained from them. This is why using regular paper can result in a less than admirable craft. If the only paper available is regular paper, then some attempt should be made to give the paper a design and texture. One such way to add character to paper is to use marbling techniques.

Some fabrics can be used for projects. The most impressive fabrics for this purpose are silk and velvet. Silk and velvet cost more and are more difficult to handle, but the end project is almost always eye catching and impressive. Botanical glue secures the organic matter to silk and velvet. It is important to remember silk and velvet pieces are not as long lasting.

Cotton and linen can be used as an alternative to silk and velvet. To obtain the same look and end up with a durable finished product use cotton or linen. Choosing the right kind of paper makes the difference between success and failure. Craft makers who take the time to understand how to pick the right paper end up with the best pressed flower art.

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