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How To Become A Piano Teacher In A Few Easy Steps

By Katrina Wheeler

The biggest reward of teaching is the inspiration you give to others. The added benefit of teaching is knowing that you have the ability to share your passion for music with someone else. Teaching music is sharing a gift that will last a lifetime. Learning how to become a piano teacher is actually quite simple. There are a few uncomplicated steps that you will need to take.

If you are hoping to become an instructor, you must have a basic knowledge and understanding of music. You must already know how to play the piano. Determine the form and style of music you are prepared to teach. Choose a curriculum and appropriate levels of play for your instruction. Let others know of your qualifications and your constraints. Accept students who have less experience than yourself. It would be difficult to teach someone who is proficient in classical music, if you only have three or four years of experience.

Observe other teachers. Ask if you can sit in on a few lessons. Carefully watch how they instruct their students. Inquire as to which books they find useful when teaching. Look into joining different music associations. Use the internet to research. Although most states don't require it, you may wish to acquire a teaching certificate.

With so many different work books and primers, you have a lot of options. Take your time to look through them and determine which one would work the best for you. Establish the location that you wish to teach from. Although many people teach from home, others choose to rent a studio to teach.

If teaching young children, make sure to keep the lessons at half an hour. They often have difficulty remaining attentive for extended periods of time. Once you determine the length of your lessons, decide how much you will charge. Some people teach full time while others teach part time, determine which works best for you. Make a schedule of your availability for instruction. Print your schedule to provide it to potential students.

Begin advertising for students. There are several ways to do this. You can let the local schools know that you are available, post notices at grocery stores, place ads in news papers and on the internet. Once you begin receiving students determine if they are beginners or if they are experienced. Base your lesson plans on each separate individual at their own level.

Continue taking lessons from someone who is more experienced than you. Make sure you practice every day. You should always strive to be the very best at what you do. The best pianists never stop learning. They continue to grow and gain more knowledge. It would be horrible to teach a beginner and have them play better than their instructor in a year or two. Remember that practice makes progress.

Follow these simple steps and you will learn how to become a piano teacher. Make sure you have an understanding of music and the ability to play. Select the times and days that you are available for instruction. Take time when considering which curriculum to use. Challenge yourself and continue learning. Passion and inspiration are simply the beginning steps in educating yourself.

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