jeudi 28 novembre 2013

Life After Death Book Is Now Available

By Angela Briggs

Sometimes a life after death book may frighten small children who live within a fantasy world. This is a very intense subject that has always made people wonder about everything that happens on the planet. Anyone living in America really like one particular novel that examines this eerie topic that will make a person's skin crawl. These writings contain so many stories about the afterlife.

Florida was the home of one very pretty woman who had spent her entire existence helping other individuals. Everyone who knew her loved her very much and this made the woman very happy. She decided to always be involved with church activities that happened every Sunday since she was raised a good Christian girl. The choir welcomed her very charming voice within their group each week without hesitation.

Whenever she was free this woman could be seen at many of the foster homes that housed troubled girls. The homeless shelter in town was also her main focus since she loved to help people who were in dire need. She was seen as an angel by many people since she never displayed any signs of hatred for anyone. The girls at the group home always had a great meal whenever they went to her home.

During the holiday season this proud woman made sure that all homeless individuals received a healthy meal that would make them stronger. She would go to the best grocery store in town and purchase a large turkey that could feed an entire nation. Thanksgiving was always a special time for these people since they were sure to receive other great foods.

During the Christmas holiday this very reliable woman would take it upon herself to bake a variety of cookies and cakes for these same individuals living within the shelters. Every person living at this place would also receive a special gift that this person made for them. This made them feel very human when they were able to receive such great presents from a wonderful person.

This good girl of the world was also very lucky to have a great man who wanted to marry her in a few short weeks. It really surprised her when her boyfriend called off the wedding since he wanted to run away with another woman. The kind lady became very broken hearted after this happened.

She was so distraught that she decided to kill herself in a horrible car wreck. When the wreck happened this graceful lady was sent to a place that was very horrible to describe. There were many demon like creatures who surrounded her in this new place and they wanted to rip her flesh off.

It turns out that this life after death book ends her story in a very positive way. The woman's soul was sent back to her body and she became conscience within a hospital room. She found out that people who commit suicide do indeed go to a very dark and dreary place that is called Hell.

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