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Leopard Faux Leather Leggings Can Be Worn With Many Attitudes

By Bonnie Contreras

Leopard faux leather leggings are a woman's best accessory. They are multi-purpose. They can make a boring outfit pop out and they can make a dress or skirt warm enough for cold weather. All this without missing the sexual appeal. In anything they add to it. They are super trendy, easy to find and can even be made.

Leggings go with a large array of outfits. Typically they are worn from warm to chilly weather. They make a summer skirt possible to wear in the winter and can also be used to accentuate ripped jeans. They have numerous uses but they should always be worn with style.

Faux leather is very warm. They are best when used in cooler climates but this can apply to not just autumn but also cool summer nights. They can also be used to make use of clothing that seems to be out of style since they are so retro.

Leopard prints are classic. They come in so many different colors. The brown and black and white and black is the classic but there is also pink, blue and even lavender to consider. They may even come in different materials. The fake leather can be lined with lace or vinyl or whatever else imaginable.

So many stores sell these. The most obvious go to place would be clothing stores but a better option would be to look for a shop that deals with only legwear. Kitschy places may also sell these or places that sell a variety of accessories like crazy earrings or fun socks. One could also go to the computer and order them but it is not a good idea to buy used leggings. They can be ripped, torn and stained in some very unappetizing places.

It is also possible to make leopard faux leather leggings. A material of faux leather in that print can be brought in most fabric or craft stores. The stitch is a basic Helen stitch which can be done by hand but would take hours. It is also important to get the size right since they must fit against the skin tightly.

A much easier way is to lay one legging that is ripped on top of another. The style is grunge. Rip and tears are not only acceptable but is expected. There is even an eighties pop style leggings can go. Just wear jewelry of big plastic beads and bright eye shadow and it is a good look for the new age.

Footwear is an important decision. One should not wear sneakers unless there are wearing jeans. High heels are acceptable but nothing open toed or open heeled. Imagine the type of heels a woman would wear with regular stockings. The absolute most appropriate footwear are combat boots. Combat boots that have high laces and metal edges makes an especially edgy look.

With this as well as with anything else a person chooses to wear it is most important to poise with style. Style and attitude and confidence is key. Also, a bit of comfort does not hurt. There is nothing less appealing than a woman who can't walk to long because their feet hurt or who shiver in their outfit. There is no reason someone can not rock out leopard faux leather leggings.

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