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A Code Geass Anime Review Article

By Krystal Branch

This TV series has been a huge hit in Japan, as well as in other countries around the world, and if you search for 'code geass anime review' on the internet, you will find plenty of information about it. This series, made in Japan, came about by Sunrise, and the main character in the show is Lelouch Lamperouge. Lelouch's family is involved in the show as well. Nunnally is his sister.

The TV series depicts Lelouch in Japan, on a quest to discover the murderer of his mother, and to bring peace to the country. His quests are difficult, however, because he has to ensure the care of his disabled and blind sister, Nunally. Support for Lelouch is provided from a friend, Suzaku Kururugi, as well as from C. C, a girl who he meets when he is in much need of help.

C. C has stunning, green hair and a tattoo on her forehead, and she came to Lelouch's rescue as he was about to be executed by the Britannian Royal Guard. C. C offered Lelouch a 'contract', whereby if he fulfills her one wish, he shall have the King's power, or Geass. When Lelouch uses this power, he is able to make anyone do anything he commands. For example, to escape his execution by the guards, he ordered them to die. The guards then shot themselves with their own guns.

After Lelouch had contact with C. C, he finds out how he can use his power to assist with his mission to conquer the Britannian Empire. He also continues to search for his mother's killer. Lelouch's greatest wish is perhaps to enable his younger sister, Nunally, to live in peace, away from fighting and death. Lelouch's double life is tricky, because he is both an inspirational leader fighting against the nation's oppressors and an ordinary schoolboy.

The first of the series was called 'Lelouch of the Rebellion'. The broadcast of the series throughout Japan started in November, 2006, on Animax, after the initial premier in October on the Mainachi Broadcasting System television network. Due to the excellent response of the public, a sequel was made, and called 'Lelouch of the Rebellion R2'.

In March, 2007, 'Lelouch of the Rebellion R2' was announced to the public. There was an article about it in an issue of Newtype. Three premiers were held for the new series that showed the first program of the series, in Osaka and Tokyo. Those who attended included the stars from Japan who do the voices for the characters. A few thousand other people were also able to view the premiers.

Americans were able to see both series, starting with the first, in 2008. They were then also aired in the Philippines and Australia. Bandai Entertainment on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block, was the broadcaster in America. The series could be watched in these countries in English.

There are plenty of products sold that relate to the show. The music of the program is available on CDs, and there are books written as well. In terms of video games, however, there are only Japanese versions. People who like the series should write a review on code geass anime online to let others know of their thoughts.

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