lundi 10 mars 2014

Solid Color Neckties Are Here To Stay

By Jaclyn Hurley

When one thinks of a necktie, they most generally do not think of a solid color. After all, solid color neckties are not necessarily the rage these days. This is an accessory that many men use to highlight their taste, individuality, and creativity. Some choose to use the necktie as their signature to whatever outfit they have put together.

It is really easy to use this item as a statement since it offers so many choices, colors, and shapes. Although there are individuals that use the tie without much thought since it is a staple of the business world, it should really be given the thought it deserves. Others realize this small item should not be absentmindedly picked because it blends in with the shirt or suit they are wearing. Instead, time and care are given to what should be chosen to set off the outfit or pull it together.

On the other hand, those that truly pay attention to the small details realize this accessory can speak volumes about their person, choices, and style. Ties offer so many choices for those considering it. The size of a tie is as important as the size of the suit jacket. A tie can be too long, too short, too wide, or too slim for a particular look.

Although patterns can blend or complement perfectly to a classic suit or particular look, it is not the only choice. The less thought of solid tie can offer a bold or subtle statement, whichever is preferred, based on what is being worn. It can just as easily be utilized to complement or accentuate a suit or shirt regardless of whether the outfit is solid or patterned.

Using just the right hue or tone of a particular solid can help the individual achieve the look they are striving for. It can often be more effective to use a solid color over the patterned ones that are available on the market. Almost any style can be found in just the right hue if one takes the time to look. It is even possible to custom order any combination of styles.

We must not assume that neckties belong or are utilized solely by men. Women are known to use this accessory quite creatively in outfits they have put together. Both patterned and solid neckties are worn by many women as an attractive accessory.

Many times pocket squares are coordinated with the tie as well which provides two focal points. It is not uncommon to find that an individual will mix it up and have complementing tones instead of the exact same tone. However, having the perfect color pairing can set off any suit and complement the wearers skin tone as well if both are the same color.

An individual can be both stylish and creative by using solid colors with their outfits. Paired properly, this accessory can make statements about the wearers flair and creativity. For both men and women, the necktie can gently tie an outfit together or provide a bold splash of color to it. It should really be considered a staple accessory for the individual with discerning tastes in fashion.

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