mercredi 19 mars 2014

The Basic Settings Of Jazz Tube Amps

By Gwen Lowe

If one is into playing soft music like something that is somewhat like blues or jazz, then he would need an amplifier that can actually produce a very clean sound that this kind of music would require. Of course he would be needing some jazz tube amps if he would want to play this type of music. If one is a musician, then he would probably be interested in this.

Now one has to get certain amps for this because only certain sound tubes will be able to give the perfect sound. So if one would want to play this genre, then he should make sure that he gets a really good amplifier that is specifically made for only this type of purpose. Of course in order to do this, he has to do some research on the specific types of amplifiers.

The main thing that would produce the sound that would be coming from the guitar would actually be the settings on the amp. One has to make sure that he sets up the settings right so that he can get a very clean tone that jazz players use. Now the first thing that he has to think about would be the distortion.

Now mainly, this kind of soft music does not make use of distortions like rock and heavy metal do because this type of music is slow and calm. So in order to get that blues sound, one has to make sure that there is very minimal distortion or none at all. What he would want is a smooth sound with not much effects.

Now if one would want to add a little bit of distortion in order to add variety, then he may actually do so. However, he has to be conscious to make sure that the distortion is only very little and very subtle. There are actually some jazz bands that use the distortion effect but only on a very minimal level.

Now in order to give it a really good tone, then one has to also think about the other settings as well. Now one noteworthy thing to notice about the settings of blues music would be that the bass level would be much higher than the treble. The reason behind this is simply because if the treble is at a high level, the sound is painful to the ears.

Now the technique here is to put as little treble as possible and a lot of bass. So up the bass level quite high probably level seven and above. Now the treble should be put either at number five or a little bit less but never less than three otherwise there will be sounds that will be missing.

So by following these settings, then one will be able to get that jazzy sound that he would want. Now these settings are only standard settings that a lot of jazz players would follow. However, one can tweak the settings a bit and adjust the sound so that one will be able to get his own flavor when he plays the guitar.

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