mardi 11 mars 2014

Exercise Or Self Hypnosis Audio Recordings?

By Jaclyn Hurley

Nearly everyone is aware of the mental and physical benefits of exercise. Physically, exercise tones muscle, speeds up the metabolism, and burns excess calories. Mentally, it is a fantastic stress reliever, and it causes the body to release endorphins, which up your energy level and overall feeling of happiness. People often explore all kinds of motivation techniques like self help books or self hypnosis audio recordings, while neglecting exercise, which works better than any of them.

Why is it that most people do not get enough physical activity, even though they know how good it is for them? Often, it because they don't have the motivation to begin or to stick with an exercise routine. They make excuses such as feeling tired or not wanting to go out in certain kinds of weather.

Even if exercise is tough to begin, it gets easier as you go along. The good feelings and positive changes you see as a result will be their own motivators. The biggest hurdle is starting in the first place.

In fact, that is true both in the long term and the short term. When you are just beginning to work out, or just beginning to do a particular routine, the first few weeks are the most difficult time to stay motivated and consistent. Likewise, the first few minutes of any particular workout are the hardest.

When your muscles are not accustomed to working very hard, they get used to being idle. If you increase your level of activity, they will need some time to adjust. Just as you spend the first few minutes of a session warming up, you need to spend the first few weeks of any workout program building your tolerance. Don't push yourself too hard at the beginning.

Anyone who has worked out is familiar with the feeling of sluggishness that comes at the beginning. But anyone who has worked through it also knows that it dissipates, and your energy level increases if you keep going. It doesn't mean the workout is necessarily easy, but the intensity of the difficulty lessens.

If you can understand that feeling as it applies to a particular workout, you can understand it in terms of working out in general. If you have not been doing a particular activity for very long, whether it is jogging, weight lifting, or long-distance walking, your body is going to need time to adjust. However, feeling fatigued or sore is not an excuse to stop working out. Rest for one or two days, sure, but start back again after that.

The longer you remain with your routine and get your body used to working, the more you will be able to handle. You can spend a longer time exercising, and do activities that are more strenuous. The body will grow used to the concept of working out in general, just as it grows used to each individual workout. Not only will you stop hating exercise, you will even begin to miss it when you don't do it for a few days. Your body will get restless and will miss the burst of endorphins. Get started soon, and find out how long your body needs to adjust.

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