lundi 24 mars 2014

Tips On Portrait Photography NYC

By Linda Cantrell

Photographs are used to store memories of anything that one might have gone through or places where an individual might have visited. However, when a person wants to capture and display something that is very important to him, portrait photography comes to mind. The intention of this kind of photography is to show something about the personality, life or character of an individual.

Portrait photography NYC can be done at home or at a studio by a professional. Usually, when at a studio, everything is usually set and what the professional will need to do is just adjust everything accordingly. However, for a photographer in New York City wanting to do this at the comfort of his home, there are certain things to consider in order to have quality portrait photography.

There are several important things to always keep in mind in order to have quality work. One of them is the photo background. Persons ought to pick an appropriate background for the picture. It should be simple and one that does not steal attention from the subject. The color and texture of the background material is also very important.

Lighting is the other crucial thing to keep in mind in order to have quality work. Natural or artificial light can be used, but it should be controlled. For instance, when using natural light, the photographer should not position the subject directly at the source of light, but rather at an angle from the source. In case one side of a subject there is a shadow created, an individual can have a reflective material placed on the darker side to so that light bounces on it and reflects on the subject.

When it comes to artificial light, a lamp can be used. This one is also positioned at a strategic point and controlled. Lighting schemes are not limited to the two mentioned ones as a photographer can try out various schemes to have clear photos.

The camera setting is also crucial to having quality outcome. Normally people wanting this kind of photography are concerned with the face and shoulders but others might want a full or half length body portrait. A photographer must therefore adjust the settings of the camera depending on the requirements. The settings for taking an up close photo are different with those of full body or half body pictures.

For the half or full body picture, the photographer should take it a distance from the subject and also adjust his settings accordingly. With all these aspects into consideration, the photographer should ensure that the subject is always comfortable and relaxed. He or she should also engage the subject in a small conversation to take his or her mind off the camera.

These portrait photography tips can be used indoors or at a studio. Once the photo session is complete, it will depend on the photographer to bring out the artistic qualities of the photos. Since his kind of photography is to display something important for the subject, creativity is crucial on the part of the photographer to ensure that something of importance is depicted through the photo.

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