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Various Interesting Facts About Adolf Hitler

By Wanda Rosner

In the history of the world, Adolf Hitler is known to be one of the most wicked men. For instance, he spent most of his time spreading the message of death and hate while still trying to kill all Jewish people. Even though, his grandmother is believed to be a Jew, Adolf is known to have killed 17 million people, a third of who were Jewish. Here are more interesting facts about Adolf Hitler you may need to know.

Despite the fact that Hitler had smoked for twenty years before he stopped, he personally hated it such that he tried to stop smoking. He hated people smoking in his presence and many times, he made sure anyone visiting him had to smoke few minutes before they knocked to his office. Also, he ensured everybody going to his office never put on any clothing that smelled cigarette.

Hitler was a vegetarian for the most of his adult life. Since he hated meat, Adolf had his own cooks who worked under strict laws to never make a mistake of adding meat products to his meals. He as well wanted to introduce post-war policies that could reduce the consumption of meat by the German public.

To keep off his troops from contracting syphilis in their encounters with hookers, Adolf invented the blow-up toy concept. The blow-up dolls were produced small to slot in the backpack of the soldiers. However, the businesses that focused on manufacturing these dolls were destroyed when Dresden was bombed during the Second World War.

Discovering the idea of designing the Volks Wagen car was other amazing facts about Adolf Hitler. However, is idea for launching the Volkswagen Company is known to have come up after Josef Ganz a Jewish engineer had initiated the plan for making the Volkswagen cars. Adolf also constructed the autobahns which is still an existing network of highways.

Hitler is as well known to have a sweet tooth that forced him to eat plenty of sugary meals. For example, he every day consumed as much as two pounds of chocolate. Additionally, Adolf loved to add at least five spoons of sugar to his tea besides couple of spoons to red wine.

He was as well suffering from insomnia that made him to always work on at night and rest during the day where he woke up 11 a.m. Since he was scared of darkness, he could always make certain he had buddies to watch movies with and listen to music with until sunset. He always ensured his bed was checked by a maid before sleeping.

Above are the little known facts about Adolf Hitler. These facts about Hitler center their details on his life and some of the major things he did which might have not been done by others of his era. For anybody searching to review more concerning Adolf, these are the primary stuff you should base your research on given that they would allow you learn more details about his existence.

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