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Throwing An Awesome Bachelorette Party

By Richardo Manning

You have been given the unfortunate task of organizing the company's work party. Take this opportunity to prove how seriously you take all assignments given you and how much of a good time you can have. Here are a few tips to make your corporate party the best.

But is that what the bride really wants to do? This is her chance to have a fun, stress-free evening or weekend with her girls - to enjoy the friendships they have and just have fun! If awkward and dirty aren't her things, better plan again.

Since the quinceanera is all about a girls "coming of age" it is important that she gets pictures of herself in a gorgeous woman's dress. This is a tradition that is very important among Mexican families and that is what is seen on the invitations. There have been some very elaborate quinceaneras in the past and they are continually getting more elaborate as time goes on and people get more creative. Full ball gowns and tiaras are just part of the elaborate designs. Many of the dresses are designed to be modest for the ceremony and come with a jacket that can be removed later on. Just like a wedding, there is a certain set of colors that can be used and most families are very strict on this.

Not all parties need to have alcohol. There are appropriate times and places for it and work parties are not one of them. Even if you set a limit, chances are that something wrong can happen and even if you aren't the one that makes a fool of yourself in front of the boss, the blame will be put on you for offering the drinks. Keep it simple with punch or sparkling beverages.

While this may seem just like a normal birthday party/celebration, there are some very religious traditions that are upheld in most families. One of these is done when the girl enters the church (similar to how a bride enters a church) and then does the readings of mass. Afterwards she will renew her baptismal covenants and make a devotion to the Virgin Mary by bringing a bouquet of flowers to her statue. This ceremony should be upheld with the up-most reverence and sanctity as it is one of the most important parts of the quinceanera.

As you brainstorm ideas, no doubt you'll come up with some great, personal ideas. But before you all take off to go zip lining in Costa Rica, remember that there are a lot of practical things that you need to consider as well to throw a no-regrets bachelorette party.

As you make up your list of guests, be sure to communicate with the bride-to-be. Since this night is about her, she should be surrounded by the people she most wants there. And considering that young, single adults have crazy schedules, you'll want to make sure you know who has to be there and schedule the party so they can make it. Once you have your guest list ready, remember that those girls attending the party will have to help pay. Consider their financial situations and limit activities to those that can be done on their budget. Make sure no one is left broke, embarrassed, or left out because of finances.

As much as you may enjoy simply sitting and talking to your fellow employees, that will not be able to keep everyone entertained for very long. Think of something that can provide entertainment for everyone throughout the night. Keep it appropriate by avoiding comedians that may tell awkward jokes or bands and dancers that may perform even more awkward songs and dance moves. It is recommended to use something unconventional, such as a rental inflatable bounce house in Utah. Adults rarely have the chance to play games like they did as children. Give them the opportunity to do something they normally wouldn't be able to. Offer game prizes and have a DJ playing appropriate music throughout the night to avoid any awkward silences.

With all of the wonderful food, there is never a want for more for whoever comes. This is a celebration of firsts for every young woman. Many times they have their first date that night, their first elaborate cake, their first major celebration. It can all be so exciting with all of the wonderful religious gifts and traditions. It is no less exciting for the parents who plan the party, although it can get stressful at times especially with finances. Many parents opt to have sponsors and help from the local community. Many of these quinceaneras go as far as to have Inflatable Rentals in order to entertain children. Whether you are in Utah or Mexico the tradition is becoming more and more popular. Make sure you know all it takes to make it special and memorable as well.

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