jeudi 27 mars 2014

Boxee TV Could Be Worth It To Those Fed Up With Cable

By Cornelius Nunev

There are a number of people who have had it with cable and satellite. For those types of people, there's a new product, called Boxee TV that might be worth checking out.

Boxee TV follows format of Roku, SimpleTV

Numerous businesses make and sell web-based television boxes that offer a severe challenge to cable and satellite businesses. The idea is fairly simple; the box connects to Wi-Fi and streams Netflix, Hulu and so forth, and also generally has a DVR function where they can record it.

There's a new one coming out called Boxee TV, according to Time magazine, which takes a slightly different approach. Boxee TV has been around before. The business launched a streaming TV box a couple years ago that failed miserably. However, the new one works a bit different, in that it utilizes cloud storage for DVR recordings.

You can pay $99 for the Boxee Television, making it pretty affordable, and you only have to pay $14.99 a month if you want DVR services. That is pretty good.

Has antenna

Consumers can use the Boxee TV as a DVR box since it has a cable port. It may also be used to get NBC, ABC, Fox, PBS, CBS and other publicly broadcast stations because it has an antenna. It has applications on it for YouTube, Pandora, VUDU, Netflix, Vimeo and more.

The very best part of the Boxee Television is that you do not need any external hard drive for storage since all storage is done by uploading content onto the cloud that can be accessed at any time. It can record two programs at once as a dual-code DVR recorder, though live programs cannot be paused while you are watching them. It is more costly than the Roku or Netgear boxes that are comparable, but having the infinite amount of storage is very tempting, according to CNET.

That said, unlike DVR systems that are affected by the memory, cloud storage is unlimited. However, getting the DVR service does cost the $14.99 monthly charge, though that's hardly enough to send a person out for short term loans to cover.

Not accessible to everyone

The Boxee Television comes with DVR, but that is only accessible in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., New York, Los Angles, Chicago, Dallas and Houston right now. The company intends to expand that in the next year, but not every person has access to the DVR services.

Everyone else can only use it as a streaming device, until DVR services are available everywhere. At that it fails, since other set-top boxes for those who want to cut the cord are much cheaper and have more or the same streaming native apps.

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