samedi 1 mars 2014

Eric Holder Or A Hamster- Who Is A Smarter Manager ?

By Tony Ridley

Essentially, the hamster style of management is not new to us, pet lovers. This is based on how we feed and take good care of our small buddies on its little cage. Did you notice how they react on foods that you gave? Did you observe its behavior inside the cage? Did you know the reason why management took place in a life of this little buddy? The answers are simple. First, hamsters do not bite the hands that feed them. Second, they do not have interest on the outside world but tend to explore on their small 'playground' inside the cage. Third, they do not eat the food you give but save it in one place.

Honestly, hamsters are just pets that we feed and love inside their cute cages. We make sure that they get the best food they need, the best toys that they play and the best cage to dwell. However, do you notice how they treat the one who feeds them? Do you observe how they store their foods inside their little houses? Frankly, they are the smartest creatures that plan and think of the future than the present. They are also the best example to explain what a leader should do and have.

There should be cooperative ideas from the personnel and of course, a plan that lasts for a long period of time. There should be a good source of investment that benefits both managers and employees and not only for the company's sake. What about playing safely and not to go outside the limits? A manager should not invest to the outside world unless he knows the tactics to succeed. He should not put the company in distress when problems arise and there is no visible solution to it.

A manager should be like a hamster, a buddy that knows how to plan and save things for the future use. He should mimic its versatility to explore new things in limits. He should not gamble without brighter solutions when plan A fails. Frankly, being a manager is not an easy task. It has up and down sides. If you're not intelligent then there is no place for you to stay. If you prone to mistakes then you should learn from them and do better next time. If you failed once then try to step up and prove yourself.

In a work place, delegation of work is needed. It is the key of successful business no matter what your position is. It is the basic action that a manager should do in order to prevent the words "underwork and overwork" and of course, to prevent any issue in the workplace.

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