lundi 17 mars 2014

Benefits Of On-Air Djs In The Most Successful Rock Radio Stations Vernal Utah

By Luisa Sharpe

There are numerous careers in the twenty first century; more than what was there a century ago. For instance, no one ever imagined there would ever be job like an on air Dj. In fact, if you asked most people, they would not have an idea to what it means. As such, highlighted below are the roles of an on-air Dj in the best rock radio stations Vernal Utah can get.

It is first important to observe and appreciate the nature of this job. It is actually among the least hectic careers given to what most would imagine it to be. They are required to be good at multitasking given that they are to keep balance in between tasks. This goes to say that they have to be good time managers for different things are done during a live show.

The first responsibility of the on air Dj is to make sure the station Id is played at the recommended intervals. Station identification is a recording of an audio that tells you the name of the station, their frequency, name of the show, who the presenter is among others. This helps people just tuning in to the station know its name, apart from having the name imprinted in their minds.

Another role for them is that they are used as identification for the station. It has been found out that it is easier to have a relationship with the listeners if they have a familiar voice they can relate with. This is important given that the major goal of the station is to capture a great and wide audience. The voice has to be easy to listen to.

Djs make the whole show lively. Listening to a song until it ends, then you experience that dead moment before playing the next song would be very boring and not easy to relate with. Most listeners would not think of tuning on to listen to the same show again. To maintain your show and a good fun base, Djs have to ensure the transition of the songs is smooth and convincing.

In most radio shows these days, listeners usually want to know the songs they were listening to during the show. On air, Djs usually have an array of ways through which they can divulge that information. While still on air, they may mention the names of the songs that have played, including the artists. They then proceed to state the songs that are about to be played.

With most live shows, the DJs have to hold conversations or just talk. This is a very tricky moment as it is bound to have dead moments. In order to kill the dead moments, on air Djs usually play bed music. This is soft music that you hear in the background while a DJ is talking.

One other crucial role not to forget is their taking of song requests from their fans. The listeners feel more connected if they make a song request in a live show and it is actually played. By doing so, the station gains more loyalty from such people as the interaction between the two is on a personal level.

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