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Why Mens Cotton Drawstring Pants Are A Backpacker Favorite

By Jaclyn Hurley

Your airplane ticket has been bought and you're gearing up to go backpacking for the first time. Now you just need to decide which clothes to pack. You need something comfortable for travel days, lounging in a hammock or for those treks through the jungle. However, you also need something that you can confidently wear in a club or a restaurant. You probably think that jeans are the perfect choice but seasoned backpackers have learned long ago already that they shouldn't leave home without mens cotton drawstring pants.

Drawstring pants come in many varieties. There are the classic white ones that are wide and look like pajama pants. There are also thicker varieties made of multicolored fabric for a fun, ethnically inspired bohemian look. You'll also find ones that are made of a strong fabric and are more tailored, with lots of pockets. Whichever variety you choose, they're a great option for backpacking.

One of the main reasons why backpackers choose lighter trousers rather than jeans is that they're less bulky. They take up very little space in any backpack, unlike jeans. They also weigh much less, which is good news since you don't want to drag around a backpack that weights about as much as a baby elephant.

Jeans also take forever to dry. You may get caught in the rain or you may decide that your clothes are filthy and need a wash, which means that you'll have wet clothes every once in a while. You want these to dry within a few hours so that you won't have to carry around damp clothing when you hit the road again. Light cotton garments dry in no time.

Most backpackers prefer traveling through countries in or near the tropics, where they won't have to take lots of bulky, warm clothes. Jeans are very hot and uncomfortable in these parts. They can cause chafing that is at best uncomfortable but is usually quite painful. With cool, loose trousers you won't have this problem.

You may think that nothing is as versatile as a pair of jeans, but this is not true. With drawstring trousers in a solid earthy or dark color, the possibilities are endless. The wide type makes comfortable sleepwear but can also look quite smart if you wear them with a nice shirt or even a fitted T-shirt. The type that is quite tailored already can be worn anywhere, whether it's for adventure sports or a night on the town.

The drawstrings make it possible to wear your trousers no matter what your size is. Most people lose quite a lot of weight when they go backpacking. Jeans will soon be too big and you'll have to keep pulling them up but if your pants have drawstrings, you can just pull these more tightly for a better fit.

Finding drawstring pants is quite easy. Many clothing stores stock them but you'll probably have more luck at stores specializing in outdoor clothing. You can also order them online. Many little shops in tourist areas in the tropics sell light, cool clothing too, so you can always pick up another pair on the road.

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