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Art Colleges & Creating Video Game Personalities

By Bob Oliver

There are many integral points when it comes to designing video games. Amongst them is the cast of characters that will be featured and you want to make that each of them is designed well. If you were to attend certain art colleges, perhaps you would learn that much more about this level of design. That being said, if you are concerned that you don't have all of the important facets set in place, here is a list of 3 that every designer should keep in mind.

1. Make sure that you outline your character so that you have a model to follow. Whether the character is male or female is going to play heavily into the design process, but there is more that goes into this. There is another layer of importance when it comes to whether a certain personality will be taken as a hero or villain. While these concepts are very much basic on the surface, they are ones which mean the most when beginning the actual design process.

2. Aesthetics are vital in many forms of art and the same can be said about game design as well. The reason why I say this is because, typically, the best art colleges will be able to teach you about various styles, ranging from colorful and bright to dark and moody. If you want to create a character that is more lighthearted, for instance, you're not going to use harsher tones. Instead, you will want to incorporate a warmer palette that will then be utilized to bring life to the character in question.

3. Perhaps more important than anything else, you have to be confident that you can use a style to its fullest. It may be a problem if you leap into a particular style without any prior training, since chances are that the game will appear sloppy when you clearly did not mean it to be that way. What this means is that if you are more familiar with cartoon-like appearances, see if you can bring them to the forefront. If you aren't ready to go for more real-life visuals, do not attempt it if there's something else you can fall back on.

Video games are going to be created based on a number of factors and these are just a couple worth noting. Certain art colleges, as well as other areas, can help you in this regard; this means that your dream career will be that much more obtainable. I am sure that most would agree that computers are required more than any other "canvas," so being artistic as well as tech-savvy is integral. These pieces of technology are used to fully render games, so do not forget that there is more to this process than creativity.

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