dimanche 6 juillet 2014

Scan Through Women And Music Art

By Rosella Campbell

Women have colored the art and musical scene from one generation to the other. Their contribution in the development of arts and music in particular cannot be overlooked. It spans from generation to the other and is notable in every community. This makes the tale of women and music art interesting to read. The roles they have played in this endeavor include directing, singing, composing and managing other artists.

Geographical distribution places them in minority groups with few outstanding performers. They have received support from individuals and institutions to better their performance and raise their musical prowess. This has been crucial in promoting talent among female singers and performers.

The role of female artists in shaping social dialogue has evolved over the years. They have remained crucial in entertainment circles and preferred because of their better understanding of certain themes and contexts. The female voices have pacified crowds, guests and royalties in different eras. The female perspective and context in music presents a unique sound and manner of participation that only them can achieve.

Female artists compose and sing about such themes as social justice, motivation and love. This clearly demarcates their music with their handling of relationships being distinct. The dominant themes are feminine. Male artists have also written a lot about women with inspiration coming from relatives, parents, lovers and daughters. This is still credited as part of their influence.

It remains a huge challenge to judge women individually without having to compare them with male artists. This has resulted into a raw deal since this manner of comparison is always biased towards female singers. The low rating women receive takes a heavy toll on their morale and makes them feel like second grade.

There are organizations that seek to promote the place of a woman in musical performance. They offer recording opportunities and organize events to showcase upcoming talents. This is crucial in helping many of them in different parts of the world to get the much needed exposure that would see them make a break through.

Charity work using musical talent has seen many female singers make a worthy contribution which goes into raising their profile. They have participated in fund raisers and charity campaigns to assist famine stricken groups, those faced by floods and others affected by natural calamities. Using their talents to perform such activities has helped raise their profile.

Women composers have provided excellent pieces of classical music for concerts and other performance occasions. Performing theaters have witnessed incredible female representation and influence. Their approach, style and musical taste is unique. Their collaborations have produced incredible melodies and helped to increase acceptance.

Female composers are not regarded as much as their male counterparts. There is an evident gender gap that exists as one tries to scan representation in the musical industry. Some eras did not consider female artists as worthy contributors. This discouraged a huge number but did not stop a few of them from outshining their male counterparts.

Notable female composers include Clara Schumann, Amy Marcy, Cecile Chaminade and Hildegard of Bingen. They represent different eras and communities, but their contribution cannot be overlooked. Their influence is notable in the musical scene with dynamic themes and a feminine appeal in their style of performance.

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