dimanche 6 juillet 2014

What Every Bride Should Know About Choosing A Custom Bridal Gown

By Rosella Campbell

Of all the many details that go into planning a wedding, finding just the right dress to walk down the aisle in is one of the most important ones. Brides who desire a unique look and a flawless fit may want to consider having a custom bridal gown made to their specifications by a gifted and inspired dressmaker who can transform their dreams into reality.

In order to identify the best look for this special gown, the bride should do an evaluation of what cuts, fabrics, and style of clothing most of her everyday wear dresses are, as this gives some indication of what her taste is and can be used to help design her wedding gown. Pictures, sketches etc. Should also be compiled and presented to the seamstress, who will be able to mesh them together into one beautiful look.

A talented designer can create a dress that encompasses the qualities which are important to her client, but still looks unified and together. Once the style has been chosen, the wedding date and measurements will be noted, and the price will be worked out as well. Some dressmakers will also make a prototype from muslin first so the bride can try it on and find out if any changes will need to be made in the finished dress.

Open and ongoing communication between the bride and her dressmaker is essential to a successful outcome. Brides should always feel comfortable expressing any concerns they may have and asking questions. The dressmaker can be a great source of advice and guidance to those who are relatively unfamiliar with selecting a gown design.

Although just about any bride will have definite ideas about the look of the dress, it can help to remain somewhat flexible and open to the dressmaker's suggestions. In some cases, this professional will have another idea that may just turn out to be better, simply because she has been doing this long enough to know what works and what doesn't.

Prices of custom-designed dresses vary, and depend mostly on the time it will take to assemble it, and also which materials are being used. A very intricate design normally attracts a higher price than a simple one. On average, it can take about three to six months to finish the dress, and the bride can expect to attend several fitting sessions.

Unlike ready-made designs, customized gowns are constructed to the bride's exact measurements and therefore offer a much better fit. In order to ensure accuracy, it's recommended that the bride wear the same shoes and undergarments that she will wear at her wedding during the fittings.

Since not every bride will have the same budget, dressmakers are able to offer a wide range of designs for varying prices so everyone is bound to find something she loves that suits her finances. With so many choices, nobody should walk away disappointed, because it is not necessary to spend a fortune for a gorgeous, custom-made wedding gown.

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