jeudi 10 juillet 2014

Cheap Neck Ties Are Always Stylish

By Coleen Torres

When a person is looking to sell himself or herself in a social setting, presentation is everything. Whether they are going to meet someone for a blind date that was set up by a good friend or a job interview of a lifetime, it helps to look good. What many tend to overlook is that cheap neck ties look just as good as those sold in high end retail stores.

Putting an outfit together is hard for some but oftentimes, it can be fun with the use of accessories. Men may have a little more of an advantage than women but there is still room for them to make an impression, even on a limited budget. It is just a matter of choosing the right colors and patterns.

In casual settings, a short sleeve shirt is acceptable as long as the bottoms are neatly pressed and not made of denim or similar fabric. Some like to wear a tie with a polo shirt but some body types are not cut out for this. However, in a business social setting, it may be best to ask if a tie or button down shirt is necessary.

Concealing physical imperfections can be made in a number of ways. Longer sleeves or looser shirts can hide things like belly bulge, tattoos, or scars. While white shirts may be considered the standard choice, different shades of grey or brown can also be worn. In the case of hiding stains that may be difficult to remove from white shirts, there are always alternatives such as shirts made with synthetic fabrics.

Pastel shirts are growing in popularity. At one time, it was once a big deal for a man to wear a peach or pink colored shirt but these days, it is the norm for business and pleasure. These complement bottoms or suits that are a dark or grey color but in warmer weather, light colored suits may also be acceptable.

Accessories are meant to balance the colors in a wardrobe. Once a person has found their personal style, they may choose ties, pins and other materials to enhance their outfit. Though solid color ties have always been considered safe for work or personal outings, getting something with a simple design or pattern that matches the bottoms is better for visuals. Some like to take it a step further with abstracts or something that catches the eye. However, if wearing a patterned shirt, it may be best to ask if the patterns clash or complement one another.

Ties that go back in time can also bring a unique quality to an outfit. This is common as fashion trends tend to come around more than once in a lifetime. By reading blogs or fashion magazines, one can tell which trends are safe to try out.

Nothing completes an outfit like a pair of good shoes. Though some people care more about labels and such, what is most important is the quality and cleanliness. While some people wish they could wear their house shoes for comfort, it helps to have something with a closed toe and appropriate heel. Sometimes women feel no outfit is complete without a high heel but if in cases where there is a lot of standing or walking, a nice pair of flats should be kept on standby.

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