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Tips On Finding A House Portrait Artist In Westchester County

By Rosella Campbell

There are lots of reasons why portraits of homes are popular. They are a great way to commemorate a beloved house and family memories. They make a very unique and one of a kind accessory for the home. As well, house portraits are a very thoughtful gift for friends and family. When searching for a house portrait artist in Westchester County residents are fortunate to have a number of options available to them. Here are some ideas to guide you in your search.

Many illustrators mainly focus on creating custom work for clients. Some popular subjects include pets, family and favourite vacation spots in addition to home portraits. Some of these artists work through agencies, so it is worth looking up what illustration and design companies are available near you.

You can also find artists who work mainly on subject matter which they have chosen. However, they may be open to doing commissions as well. Thus, even if the artist seems to work in other subjects, it is worth asking. If you like their style of painting, it may be possible to apply it to other subjects.

In the beginning of your search, it is very helpful to have a good sense of what you are looking for. Spend some time thinking about your goals in terms of style, price and scale of the work. Yet, it is also useful to look at a variety of work which can lead to creative ideas which you may not have considered.

One of the more popular tools for researching artists is the Internet. It is convenient and low cost. Furthermore, it allows you to view an extensive range of portfolios. Many artists today have extremely detailed websites with images of work.

Another asset of the Internet is that it has opened up the possibility of working with artists from further afield. Many artists are happy to work from your photographs, which means that the process can be handled in part through e-mail. As always, when you are shopping for a business, you should ensure that it is reputable and trustworthy and payment arrangements are safe and secure.

A further resource which can help to connect you with illustrators is a local arts fair. This is a good place to get a taste of the work of designers and artists working in the region. Even if their items do not include house portraits, it may be worth enquiring about special commissions.

A last helpful pointer is to collect ideas and inspiration by compiling a book or poster which includes pictures of styles, media and work that you especially like. This can be a very effective tool in communicating your personal suggestions to the illustrator. Even if you do not know a lot about media or other technical issues, a good designer can help you with advice and ideas. For further tips relating to this topic, there are many guides and blogs online which provide help with decorating your home and commissioning artworks.

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