dimanche 13 juillet 2014

Everything You Need To Know About LED TV

By Wanda Rosner

In the current digital, people have to incorporate their lives with the right technology to keep themselves knowledgeable every time something happens in the world. That is why it is important to have a good LED TV in the house. Many benefits come with having a powerful LED TV. But you must select the right size for your house with the right features to enjoy the full benefits. You also need to put the right settings otherwise, it will be useless. The following information will help you know a little bit more about LED TVs.

The term LED is a popularized name used to refer to LCD televisions that have a series of diode backlights rather than cathode fluorescent lights. This means that is not actually a new species of TV, but a much more improvised version of the LCD television. The first ever TV of this generic to hit the markets was the Samsung LN-T4681F back in 2007. The maximum lifespan that the backlights can continue to shine brightly is around 100,000 hours, after which they become dull.

The LED lights come in two main types: the backlit, and the edge-lit ones. The edge-lit ones are the newer version, and have their lights aligned along the edge of the television, hence are much thinner. The older versions have the backlights aligned across the back panel of the screen, which light up to form an image.

Another cool thing about this technology is that it is specialized with local dimming that makes every single light from the pixels to glow dimmer or brighter depending on the contrast of the picture, i.e., it makes the darker parts of a picture look darker. This improves the quality of the images by preventing light from escaping through the screen.

The best thing about these machines is that they are cheap on power consumption. Studies have shown that you can save a maximum of about fifty percent on electricity as opposed to using older televisions. This is because they consume a maximum of about 100 watts when using normally.

It is widely predicted that they will evolve into much more sophisticated and advanced technologies with time. The manufacturers are looking into improving the 1080p graphics into full array. However, this may prove to cost a lot of money to have all the 2.1 million pixels lighted individually.

In addition, these cool machines have an incorporated gaming system that involve high rate of processing pictures and graphics to maintain the speed of a game. Because of this, you may have to dig little deeper into your pocket, but it is worth it. There are newer versions with 120Hz, 240Hz, and 480Hz that have increased efficiency.

It is also important to note that, although some older television versions also have internet access, these ones have integrated wifi connectivity. This means faster and cable free internet experience that enables you to surf the web, visit social websites and stream videos at the comfort of your sitting room. Several applications accompany the Wi-Fi feature, but you can also download applications of your choice from the internet.

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