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Submit Your Work To A Free Monthly Writing Contest

By Paulette Mason

A simple internet search gives writers access to many contests catering to all sorts of styles and genres. Whether you are a new writer or a more experienced one, you will find one suitable for you to enter. Entering a free monthly writing contest gives you the opportunity to win prizes and offers a way to build recognition. All that is required of you is your time and effort.

As there are so many contests, one has to be selective when choosing which one to apply for. The genres covered vary from mystery, science fiction and romance to non-fiction, travel writing, stories for children and memoirs. You need to find the best fit for you. If you are a newbie, it may be preferable to start small and progress on to larger contests as you acquire more confidence. Reading past winning submissions can be helpful in making a decision.

Once you have decided to enter a particular one, it is very important to read the rules and conditions. You need to understand exactly what is required of you and what kind of permission you are giving to the sponsors. You may be giving the sponsor permission to use your work and to be able to edit, promote and publish it at any time.

When submitting your manuscript, you usually have certain guidelines to follow. One of these is the required length. It is important to follow these guidelines as closely as possible or your entry may be rejected. If your word count is a maximum of 1 500 and you submit an entry of 3 000 words, it is highly likely to be rejected.

You may not regard producing an error free manuscript as being important. However, this does make an impression on the judges. A manuscript full of spelling and grammatical errors that could easily have been corrected does not create a good first impression. Edit, edit and edit again before submission to make sure that any avoidable errors do not detract from your excellent content.

Creativity, originality and your language usage are usually the main considerations for judging. It is also vital to make sure that you have not gone completely digressed and gone right off the theme. No matter how brilliant your content, if you do not stick to the theme, you are highly unlikely to win.

Some contests are held by magazines and they offer subscriptions as prizes for winning entries. They also publish winning entries in the magazine and this can bring recognition. Even if a small prize is offered, this still means that others have read your writing and seen its value. There are several contests that offer very good prizes, including sums of money which can be a great incentive to writers struggling to make a living.

As long as you understand what the sponsor requires of you and what they are able to do with your submission, there is no risk involved in entering such contests. Submissions can often be emailed to the sponsors together with a name, address and telephone number. The fact that no entry fee is required means you do not have anything to lose and much to gain. Even experienced writers enter such competitions for the worthwhile prizes and recognition offered.

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