mardi 29 juillet 2014

Joining A Creative Writing Website

By Miranda Sweeney

When one would want to go into the field of creative writing, he will have to prepare for a lot of rejections from publishers or editors because he will be competing with many other writers who are in the field as well. Now if one would want to make it big, he cannot just write a story or a poem and expect it to be published right away. If he would want to become famous in this field, one thing that he can do would be to first join a creative writing website.

Now do take note that there are so many types of websites that one may join depending on the purpose of the sites. All these sites have different purposes for writers with different agendas. There would be sites where one can share work, sites where one can improve skills, and sites where one can sell content.

First off, there would be the websites that would allow writers all around the world to upload their works for the entire community to see. From there, one could make friends, share some ideas, and even critique the work of each other. That way, one will be able to get a lot of tips for improvement and a lot of friends whom he can meet up with in order to show his latest work.

Now if one is looking for a place where he can improve his skills with the pen, then he can sign up for those sites that would specially give some lessons on how to write creatively. These sites would have a lot of videos, newsletters, and even web seminars that would be able to amateurs be able to learn more about their craft. Of course there would also be a portion of the site that would allow members to interact.

Now if one feels like he already has made some great works that may sell, he may actually look for clients who might want to buy them. There are sites that would connect writers to clients who would want to buy content for a website or for other publications. The clients will just simply send a message to the writer and negotiate for a good price.

Now there are also those websites that would hold competitions for writers around the world. Now this would be a great place for one to get some recognition if he believes that his skills are good. The organizer of the contest would usually promote the works of the winner.

If one is interested in joining contests like these, then he would have to register to the site. Now usually, if one would want to join these contests, he would have to have a Paypal or any other payment facilitating system that they organizers would have in order to receive the cash prize. If he would have that, then he may go ahead and join.

Now these websites can be really handy if one would want to escalate his career in this field. Thanks to these platforms, writers would know have an easier time being recognized and earning a little bit of cash at the side. These sites are definitely great for those who would want to become famous in the field.

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