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Getting To Know Emmy Award Winner Rick Overton

By Rosella Campbell

Over the years, American television has become such a melting pot for rare talents and personalities. There were names that were only fleeting as the streak that the weren't able to successfully sustain over the years. There are those that were able to cling to their glory days through talent and perseverance and dedication to their craft. Among these is Emmy Award Winner Rick Overton.

He's very much known as a screen writer, an actor and as a comedian. He has written pieces that have made their way to award giving bodies that did recognize the outstanding manner in which he penned such scripts. He is an excellent actor that has appeared in several films and music videos. He is a very effective stand up comedian as well- something which he has been doing since high school.

He has been able to establish himself as a script writer. As a proof to this, he was able to get recognition and nods for the scripts that he was able to pen before. The most notable one that he has been able to pen so far is the Dennis Miller Live. He even won an Emmy for this. In addition, he has credits to acting in films as well- for instance, in Willow and in Secret Adventures of Jules Verne.

Born in Queens, New York- in Forest Hills, he grew up in New Jersey, in Englewood. He actually attended Dwight Morrow High School. It should be noted that his mother, Nancy was able to make personal appearances with the Chordettes. This is the most famous girl group that are very much known for their songs Mr. Sandman and Lollipop. His father, Hal as a big band arranger for Thelonious Monk. He is also a music teacher at the famous Julliard Institute. He comes from a musical family.

It is to be noted that the first onscreen appearance he had was for Young Doctors In Love. This was a film that was released in 1982. He then had a small role in Airplane II:The Sequel. Then, he penned the New Adventures of Beans Baxter in 1987. At the same time, he was able to appear in television shows, as well as in films like Willow, Amazing Stories, and Million Dollar Mystery.

He has dabbled in the music industry as well. He is known to actually play the harmonica. For occasional performance, he uses this when playing with some of the blues bands in the local scene. In addition, his career as a stand up comedian actually started in high school. This was when he was part of the duo Overton and Sullivan. He has to go solo though in the 1970s.

His work in Dennis Miller Live got an Emmy nomination in the year 1997. He already won the award for Outstanding Writing on a Variety or Music Program the year before. This is for the same series. He was able to receive the nod of the panel from the Writers Guild of America. This is for the very same show too, but for the year 1997. This further cemented his renown as an outstanding scriptwriter in the field.

He is also a motorcyclist. He has been for the last 20 years. He can be seen performing many charity rides. One the most notable ones is the Love Ride. This is a charity event aimed for the celebration of the annual Muscular Atrophy. He does model budding using his own designs as a hobby and he as even won awards at certain sci-fi conventions.

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