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Tips For Unconventional And Best Sci Fi Books

By Marylou Forbes

It is only natural for readers and writers to try the science fiction genre. It is all because of the fact that in science fiction, almost anything goes. You can do anything to the story, for the writers. You can read almost any plot twist, for the readers. It is really interesting to delve yourself in science fictions or fantasy stories.

However, there should be benefits in breaking the rules. Instead of following the normal conventions for your stories, you might want to break the rules a bit so that you can tell a fascinating story. Here are some of those normal rules in the best sci fi books that you should try to break when you are writing this story.

When you are writing, you might want to take out the third party omniscient part of your story. Third party omniscient refers to that which allows the readers to peek through what the characters are thinking. Instead of opening up the character's minds bare for the world to see, you just have to do away with that narrative.

Infodumps are actually common with the science fiction genre but it should be avoided. If possible, you should avoid having to right technical schematics and even backstories that overload the information dump of your readers. It will just bore them out if you go ahead with this kind of style.

Try to complete your book in one publication. This means you should avoid those conventions where a science fiction stories span three books, four books, or seven books. If you can, you should make it so that there will only one book needed for the readers to be satisfied with the books you published in the market.

Try to create a plot where the story does not have to rely on a portal to have the fantasy take effect. Most of the fantasy stories these days take on the premise of having discovered portals or have accidentally fallen into portals before they are taken into a new world. If a world can be discovered without going through portals, then that should be good.

You might also want to do away with light travels and space travels. You can do better with your science fictions when you go ahead with other plots aside from delvig into quantum physics where you can turn back time or where you can jump from one time period to another. You can stop using time machines for this.

Magic is a very common element with fantasy and science fiction genres. If you can, you should make sure to avoid using the said element to the story you are making. You should write the science fictions or the fantasy stories without having to rely heavily on the magic or power of legendary people to make your world go round.

It is actually rare in the past to find stories written in the present tense. This is mostly because most of the writers think that it is really disconcerting to have present tense in stories. You can break this rule as much as any other rule for writing science fiction. If you can make it work, then go ahead with this.

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