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Some Tricks For Childrens Magician Houston

By Sharron Cantu

Magic tricks are always a big hit in the birthday parties of children and such because kids are amazed by simple illusions that the magician would do. Of course in order to become a childrens magician houston, one would have to learn a few tricks in order to impress the kids. Here are a few simple tricks that may be able to dazzle the crowd.

Of course one of the most common tricks would be the very common coin trick. In this trick, one will be making the coin disappear right in front of the eyes of the audience and then making the coin reappear again. Usually, the magician would be pulling the coin out of the ear or the nose of an audience member.

In order to do this trick, he has to first make sure that his entire audience is in front of him so that they do not see the illusion. First, he should show the coin and then wave his hand. With a quick wrist and and finger movement, he has to make sure that the coin is transferred to the back of his hand. Later on, he may call someone from the audience and pull the coin out of the ear of the audience member.

Now a trick that is good for the entertainment of both kids and grown ups would be levitation. Of course everyone knows that it is humanly impossible to levitate. However, if one has a good angle, then one can actually give off an illusion that he is levitating.

Now in order to do this, he has to face around sixty degrees away from the audience. In this position, the audience will only be able to see the left leg while the right leg is being blocked. Now in this position, the magician should tiptoe his right foot while his left foot is off the ground so it creates an illusion that he is actually levitating.

Now another very interesting trick would be the one where the magician magically makes something appear inside an empty bottle. Now one would be needing a dark bottle, a wand, and something small to fit in the bottle. Do remember that this trick is rather hard to do and may require practice.

So to perform this, first hand the volunteer the dark bottle so that he can examine it to confirm that it is normal. After that, hand him the magic wand for examination as well. While the volunteer is examining the magic wand, quickly slip the eraser into the bottle. When the volunteer gives back the wand, wave it over the bottle and pour the eraser out.

So if one would want to become a magician, these are some tricks to learn. If he would really want to pursue this career, he can learn a lot if he goes to Houston TX as there are many skilled magicians there. After some time, he will be able to master a lot of tricks in the book.

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