mercredi 2 juillet 2014

Getting Into Voice Over Commercials

By Rosella Campbell

The internet has created many opportunities for people of all backgrounds to explore and possibly transition to as a new career. Many have found success as coders, writers, gamers and other occupations that require various levels of skill. One thing that has expanded is the need for talent in voice over commercials and other media that requires good audio.

For the longest, actors and broadcasting announcers were the people considered first for these jobs. Once in a while, someone with a great voice but no experience may have gotten into the industry but this was seldom. Now, getting the right training and making contacts is easier thanks to the internet.

Contrary to popular belief, having a perfect sounding voice is not required to get work. You may have heard commercials where vocals may be little rough or even comical, as this is what may help to sell a product. Having a polished sound does not always reach a targeted audience as sometimes there is a need to hear a regular sounding voice.

Courses can be found both online at offline at a number of educational institutions. These places offer classes at different prices and give various types of instruction and connections to the industry itself. Classes may range from one day seminars to a series of courses that help in landing various jobs. Of course, the latter will cost more but most would consider this an investment in a new career.

The competition can be fierce in this line of work so planning ahead is recommended, even when it comes to getting jobs that may not pay the best initially. Taking basic courses to get acquainted with how things work and using their vocals to sell is best for the person who is simply curious. Anyone looking to advance and network should take advanced courses so they will be job ready for anything that comes along.

One thing that many voice over artists say is that the pay is good. This mostly applies to those who have worked for some time in the industry. Others who work as radio announcers or in front of the camera are sometimes considered first for the high pay jobs but there is always an exception.

When a person feels comfortable behind the microphone, they should compile a portfolio that showcases their talents. While some classes instruct their students how to do this, they should have concepts that they want to show off to future clients. Unless an artist wants to limit themselves to a particular industry, they should make their portfolio varied to be considered for a variety of jobs.

While working in the entertainment business may have its ups and downs, some people love it over a regular job. One perk is the pay and the fact that almost every job is different. Taking a broad look at the line of voice over work is a wise choice for anyone who may want this as a new career.

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