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What Are The Best Science Fiction Books

By Rosella Campbell

Science fiction is one of the many genres that has enthralled and captivated many readers all over the world. This genre has expanded beyond ordinary books and has received high exposure in both movies and television like Star Wars and Doctor Who. The best science fiction books made it possible as well on graphic novels.

All the authors are highly influential in this type of industry basically because of the success it has made all of them. There are many names which deserve high honor and must be given good recognition as well. One of them is Alan Moore who is considered best in his time.

He is a good writer known for a lot of fiction books which are well loved by many regardless of age, gender and life status. Some of his excellent works are League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Watchmen. Both are acclaimed and adapted as a film. The movie experienced success because of its plot and the lessons learned as well.

To those people who are not completely aware of it, the movie features an alternative universe where masked vigilantes became wild. It is some kind of a premise that anyone expects to be while reading science fiction books. There are several characters as well like Rorschach the comedian and the Doctor Manhattan who is a god like person.

Those superhero types of comics are part of the genre as well. This is ultimately the case with the movie Watchmen because there are a lot of unbelievable characters that are present. This comes with the futuristic setting and of course the fictional technology. It is always of course hard to know all of them without this genre.

This is the same with all the known Marvel heroes like Captain America and Iron Man. Tony Stark for instance who is the main character of the movie Iron Man is well appreciated by the viewers worldwide. All his guts come with his amazing suit and his talents. Another is Captain America of course with his scientific experiment origin.

Their success is made possible because of the genre and of course the authors who have the same kind of interest. The authors can also put everything from their imagination and then start writing. Their words can turned into amazing drawings that were published as comics which all people love and know. It is indeed very remarkable to think of all the creative minds.

There are many reasons why people pursue this thought. Money can be one but this is not totally the main reason why. It has something to do with the interest, imagination and the talent. It goes stronger as one work is finished after the other and everything is very successful. One must invest his or her talent in a way that will work. Make your thoughts possible including your imagination and work it out.

These are only few of the many truths and ideas about fiction. If you really have the real passion then you should make it possible. Think of what you want to happen and do, consider the present world as well. Put everything in your mind and think of the best way to pursue your dreams and in making your career successful.

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