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The Best Self Esteem Books For Boys

By Rosella Campbell

Adolescents and teens often go through a stage where they have low esteem in themselves because they just do not know how they are supposed to fit in like they want to. When they cannot fit, they develop a dangerous mentality that they are not good enough or not worthy to be in the society. In order for these young men to fully grow up into real men, it is sometimes advisable for parents to buy some self esteem books for boys who are suffering from this.

Now this list would start with a really good one that was written by inspirational writer Tina Rae and also co written by Lisa Pedersen. The book is entitled Developing Emotional Literacy with Teenage Boys and is one of the most well known works in this category. It would really zoom in on the problems that a boy in his teen years would experience.

Now the main context of this piece of work is to simply try to shape up the mind of the readers to make them emotionally stronger and stable. Trying to fit in with the expectations of society is really hard and sometimes develops negative results. The author tries to offer techniques on how to surpass negative thoughts and build up the proper confidence that is needed in order grow up properly.

Next on the list would be a book that is entitled Battlefield of the Mind. Now this book was actually written for a Christian audience because it was written by Joyce Meyer, a Christian author. However, if one would read the book, he will realize that aside from the mentioning of faith and the like, it is actually a great book for non Christians as well.

Now the main concentration of the book would be on the negative thoughts that would destroy the minds of people. With the world as it is today, it is no wonder that people are developing thoughts of negativity that can destroy their confidence in themselves. This book would offer tips on how to deal with those negative and depressing thoughts.

One of the best of them all for males of this age would be one written by William Pollack. This piece of work is entitled Real Boy, Rescuing our Sons from Myths of Boyhood. Not only does the book contain insights from the author but also studies from real psychologists.

Now one of the main things that the book would concentrate on would be how society looks at men. Men are actually expected to take the bout of any problem like how a real man should. Real men are not allowed to complain, cry, and show any form of negative emotion.

One of the expectations of society would be that men would suck in their problems and just solve them. The author debunks this kind of perception and encourages parents to let their sons express how they fell and cry if they have to. That way, they will be lead to the right direction because of the right guidance.

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