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A Simple Way On How To Wear A Turban

By Ines Brennan

A turban is an important part of the life of any Sikh woman or man. In Sikhism, turbans are special gifts from their supreme Guru. These are projective identities that convey grace and royalty for individuals who have reached higher consciousness. These signify infinity and real commitment to their religion. Turbans are inseparable to anyone's everyday life. There are several ways how to turban but regardless of how these are worn, nobody can reprimand anybody for a chosen style. Provided that morality and spirituality are clearly manifested, then that will not create a problem. Here is how to do it is the simplest way.

First is to put on a turban cap, something that most people think quite insignificant. As a consequence, however, this cap makes the cloth more manageable when tying. Also, this keeps the stray wisps of hair hidden when finished.

Next is to take a piece of cloth that about twenty yards wide and fifteen yards long. This should be laid over the head, from back to front. The end must be about eight inches below one's neck for this will be used as a tail.

To firmly anchor the cloth, the wearer should put his hand, particularly the left, against it. Wrapping continues with both hands. And while the right hand goes in a circular motion, the left hand controls the parts of the headdress.

Wrapping must be done in almost horizontal motion yet still circling around the wearer's head. The process should be done in such a way the circle is relatively a circumference of the head like tightening a sphere in circle so the cloth will not slide down when finished.

Once the cloth has gone around for several times, one should start tilting it closer and closer until he or she is almost doing it vertically. The last two feet of the cloth will be wrapped horizontally around the head. This will hold everything together as it is tucked under a previous wrap.

However completed, it is still half-done. The headdress by this time is still low over the wearer's forehead. It is necessary to take the headdress and have it tilted until the wearer's forehead becomes visible. Once done, the end must be tucked very carefully. The wearer may add colored fabric at the end to achieve some color variation or a sense of style.

Turbans can be experimented. They might be sacred but they can be worn as fashionable as a person can. Turbans are robes of honor. It is simply not right to underdo these as these also signify the social lives of the Muslims. Turbans are significant to anyone who holds firm to their religious beliefs. In fact, they are only removed in days of mourning.

Sikhs from different countries have their own way on how to turban and this one is clearly the simplest yet fashionably acceptable. And as long as the moral values are never compromised, anyone can simply wear according to how they want to look after.

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