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How To Channel Mad Mens' Vintage Style Fashion

By Sisi Tsoi

Fashion is a field of creativeness gotten from all sort of inspiration. It comes from the creative art world, the standing of an economy, or simply the trend of a complete of population. The largest so far inspiration recently, is a TV show. You ask?What television show? It sounds awfully not cool indeed.

That's correct. The real american series called Mad Men is bringing 50s vintage style back from the dead, and made it a main line culture. Vintage fashion style is no longer for the little populations of the trendy group of young people, it is no longer just for the youth and the tasteful group of people, it's now for everyone from the middle age, to the curvy, or maybe the positive size. With the swish back hair, and the very tight suits, and the geeky black rimmed glasses, the show became the mainstream trend. The TV series had made the curvy girls looking savvy, the jerks look painfully, achingly cool. From interior Television series, to folk serving behind a superstore counter, retro looks are everywhere.

Mad Men, the television show focus it soft focus directed look on 60s culture, round the ad company. Startlingly, it's truly attractive to wear a skirt too tight. The character Joan, a bombshell secretary in Mad Men played by Christina Hendricks, she's the character who made the curvy girls, the entire large size fashion industry unexpectedly looking cool, and prediction into the primary stream.

As for your daily girl next door,they had introduced Alison Brie, one of the female characters in the show, shows us how a blond bombshell can look demure, like a homemaker, and irresistible at the same time. The most interesting reason for this TV series to go to mainstream because it has different point of view from all the shocking style on the red carpet in the industry. Like Lady gaga, wearing her meat dress, like Katy perry, wearing her sparkling corset in the shape of ice cream cones. Maybe those starlets outrageous styles are just far too hard for the public out there to swallow, let alone imitating. Who really want to dress like a saint, draped in million layers of lace, covering one's face, while struggling in some heels that meant for you to break your ankle?

And yet, madmen is the super trend this year that swipe the limelight. In a recent poll on well know Mens magazine. Widely popular Mad Men personality Don Draper being voted America's most influential man, ( thrashing out Jack Kennedy, President Obama, and Bruce Willis ). Who knew what influence this show had on women?

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Many people think retro look is only for the people who are outrageous. Just look at Audrey Hepburn, her classic styles is so timeless, really involve black sweater, cropped pants, and lots of nice accessories. Why you ask, her style works? Because it is all in the detail. So there is absolutely no need to worry that you will look too retro, because I am sure you have a black sweater, a pair of black trousers lying around in you closet. Just simply take your trousers to have it trimmed to hit around the ankle, that will elongate your legs. Make sure to become a best friend with your local dry cleaner. For a few dollar, they will revamp you wardrobe into a retro beauty of treasure.

For example, you might pair your dark skinny jeans with modern white blouse from us, and team with a color head scarfs. Here are some tips for incorporating Mad Men fashions into your daily wardrobe :

1. Head scarves- have lots of them, you can wrap it around your hair, for a washer women look, in a bad hair day. Or you can spice your boring jeans up by wrapping around your waist.

2. Ballet flats - Makes all the dresses looks feminine, and skinny jeans looks retro.

Three. Hair curlers- The starter kit for a retro do. Even you have no experience at all in styling your hair, just curl it all out, and started to pin it up, you will create a fantastic up do.

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