dimanche 30 juin 2013

Better Stage Presence For Belly Dancers - "Up and Over" Eye Contact

By Mariella Monroe

Shakira's famous song "Hips don't lie" provides played a major role in spreading the belly dancing across the globe. Well, the video has been such a huge hit in which both men and women went crazy about the girl movements. However, belly dance is not a European or United states dance form as it is started in the Middle Eastern countries and it is their traditional dance form. Belly dancing now has developed to various countries and women occupy belly dancing mainly to remain healthy and also in shape.

Happens presence is extremely important for a belly dancer as she must remain calm and composed for the performance to look organic. You are susceptible to make mistakes on the stage since you are a person; however, the important thing is to hide it and recover from the mistake with a beautiful improvisation. Additionally, you will be subjected to the repaired gaze of as many folks and you wouldn't find this totally comfortable.

What is the solution to handle this? Well you can follow the "up and over" technique to overcome the stage scare. Also, it's extremely important to make the market feel that they have your attention. A sense of connection with the audience is very important and you this will enable you to with certainty dance before them.

How can this up and over approach work? Well, in this approach you basically stay away from producing eye contact with your audience. After that how does that work? Well, offering attention to one or two won't help the remaining audience, either. Given that, you have to make them feel that they have your attention.

For this, look above the head of the audience. Your vision should be set to one stage above where they sit down. You make eye contact with an imaginary row and act as if some people are sitting there. You keep your gaze fixed at one point and slowly move the attention to another point to left or right. This will give an impression that you will be keeping an eye contact with an individual or other and this will help them to engage in the performance for the rest of the particular show.

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