dimanche 16 juin 2013

Choosing The Right Sport For Your Child

By Jason Larrsohn

Frank Kush is a legend of Arizona State football. His performance as head coach brought a small-college program into the headlines of college sports.

One way that parents know that their kids will be happy is if they stay active. Children have a lot of energy, and so parents are always looking for ways for their children to expend their energy in healthy ways.

One popular way that parents help their children expend their energy is by having them join sports teams. Usually, in any given area, there are children's sports teams in the community that you can sign up your children for.

His time saw five consecutive Western Athletic Conference championships. If they weren't winning the other championships, they were playing in the big games. Over six years (1970-1975), he led the Sun Devils to a 62-9 record and won all of five bowl games.

It is basically up to you and your child to decide what sport they would like to play. It is important that you listen to what your child wants and pay attention to their interests before choosing a sport that they will play.

He did the Hurricane's proud, breaking records and earning titles without breaking a sweat. In his junior year, he threw 352 passes for a 216 completion rate. Although he suffered 15 interceptions, he landed 3,238 yards for 21 touch downs, not bad for his first year starting. This was only the beginning though as the next year would prove the most instrumental.

One of his famous drills was called the "Bull in the Ring." This drill was saved for those he thought could use a bit of extra encouragement in practice.

Children are human beings, and human beings all have different personalities. Maybe your child will be more introverted, and would rather read a book or make a scrapbook instead of kicking a ball around a field.

As parents, it is your duty to cultivate your child's natural talents and not push them to be in an environment that is not comfortable for them. It is important that you do not baby or shelter your children, but forcing them to do sports when their personality does not fit that atmosphere will most likely do more harm than good.

It worked too. His career proves the conditioning paid off, and Arizona State t-shirts are worn with pride because of the accomplishments that followed. His success on the field led to a number of other benefits for the university and public at large. It sparked the interest of investors to help build some of the grandest sports facilities of any university.

If soccer doesn't seem like a good fit, perhaps baseball or softball would be more fun for your children. If your children aren't very interested in playing sports, perhaps you can watch sports games together as a family to help get them excited about sports.

He brought them back to the playoffs for another go in 2001. They met another unfortunate defeat there. Although he never won a Super Bowl, his career was nothing if not successful. His work with the Hurricanes and NFL made for a great career, and he's not the only one to think so.

Arizona State t-shirts still carry the pride of a university program that will never be the same because of this great man. The football team and university continually look to perform with excellence in everything they do.

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