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Popular Gardens and Parks in Philadelphia

By Ellie Mayer

Philadelphia is a city rich in history and culture and it is also home to an impressive variety of parks and gardens. There is something for everybody when it comes to the gardens and parks available for your viewing pleasure in Philadelphia.

Fairmount Park

Fairmount Park, bordering the Schuylkill River, is made of 63 neighborhood Philadelphia public parks and is the property of the city. Fairmount Park consists of 215 miles of recreational trails for walking, biking, or simply taking in the views. Additionally 139 picnic sites are spread across the park for your delight. The park features 34 miles of waterways, six golfing courses, one frisbee golfing course, 368 athletic fields and a variety of outdoor courts.

Bartram's Botanical Garden

One of the most noted of the gardens in Philadelphia is Bartram?s Botanical Garden, which is the 18th century home of John Bartram. This site features the Bartram House, farm buildings, a cider press that was carved from base, a brook trail, meadow, and wetland. The Common Flower Garden and Riverside Meadow are great places to take in the pretty floral scenery while enjoying the beautiful view of the skyline of Philadelphia.

Morris Arboretum

Another one of the widely known Philadelphia gardens is the Morris Arboretum, the official nursery of the commonwealth of the state of Pennsylvania. This land boasts 92 acres of a particularly big and diverse collection of some of Philadelphia's oldest trees, most unusual plant life, lush gardens, fountains, streams, and glass houses. Some of the most renowned plant life at the arboretum include the Engler Beech, Bender Oak, Katsura and Trident Maple. The arboretum is home to over 13,000 identified and tended plants.

Hortulus Farm Nursery and Gardens

This 100 acre 18th century farmstead is among the most special gardens in Philadelphia. The nursery and gardens are home to a wonderful array of lake and pool gardens, forest trails, perennial and summer plants and an amazing kitchen and herb garden. Hortulus Farm is thought of as a "connoisseur's nursery" and includes a rare and unusual range of horticultural delights. The site consists of a museum, the gardens, the nursery.

Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve

Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve is probably one of the best naturalistic Philadelphia gardens. The preserve is 134 acres of native Mid-Atlantic plants. The grounds are full of breathtaking woods, water areas and streams. Additionally, the preserve offers tours and tutorial programs to the public. Guided walks are offered between the months of August and October, and the preserve also sells their seasonal local plants.

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