mardi 11 juin 2013

There Are Plenty Of Chicago Actors

By Liliana Mills

There are many great Chicago actors living within the United States of America. People do not realize how many talented individuals are born and raised in Illinois. Many of the famous names that were once a part of this particular city are Harrison Ford, John and Jim Belushi, Robin Williams, Mandy Patinkin, Jennifer Beals and Michael Madsen.

Everyone around knows the name of Harrison Ford. People have even named their children after him because of his greatness. He is someone who worked in the carpentry field in this city for many years before striking it big. Mr. Ford decided to go into the movie industry when he realized that his manly good looks could make him a fortune. Unfortunately some crazy director tried to force him out of the entertainment field but Mr. Ford decided to stick to his dreams. He proved this director wrong after playing Hans Solo in the movie "Star Wars" which won him the respect he truly deserved.

The role of Indiana Jones won him many more loyal fans who would follow him to the end of the planet. "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" was a great adventure movie which put him over the top in the money market. This man still amazes people even at the age of seventy.

There is a comedian named Robin Williams who could make anyone laugh without saying a single word. In the 70's he performed at some of the best clubs in town and people would pay any amount of money to see him. Later on a television show called "Mork and Mindy" won him a legion of fans. The show was taken off the air after a few seasons but that did not stop this Illinois lad. He gave the performance of his life in a well known drama called "Dead Poets Society."

John Belushi was one person that was born to be funny. Everything that he appeared in turned into instant gold and everyone loved his charisma. He got his real television break with "Saturday Night Live" in the 70's which made him a bigger sensation. Unfortunately he died from a drug overdose in 1982.

One man with a very wonderful singing voice is Mandy Patinkin. This man has the ability to do a stage show without any other cast members being involved. His talents are endless and he is very proud of his birth state and feels that this city made him successful. "Yentl" fans will easily remember him with great joy.

Who could ever forget the hip movie from 1983 called "Flashdance." This film made a major star out of Jennifer Beals and it set the standard for music and fashion. Ms. Beals is one proud person who embraces her Illinois connection. Today she is still starring on many acclaimed television shows and continues to shine.

Chicago actors really know how to make the entire world take notice of them. Michael Madsen is another proud citizen in this city who always got his kicks out of playing the villain. His sister Virginia is also a very talented lady.

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