vendredi 7 juin 2013

What Digital Cameras Are Best For Bow Hunting Activities?

By Mike Thompson

Bow hunting is really only fun when you're able to share your experiences with other people. To do that you will need a camera. Although you don't need to be a professional photographer to get great shots, you do need a great camera, some skill in using the camera, and a plan what kind of pictures you're going to take.

Nowadays, digital cameras are practically the only option for bow hunting adventures. There are 2 classes of digital cameras suitable for this and they are the point and shoot and the DSLR.

Although DSLR cameras can be inconvenient, it is still possible to take action photography shots, like a flying eagle, due to the fast shutter speed ability. Conversely, point and shoot digital cameras are much more convenient and easier to use, but it is limited by the relatively slower shutter speed which means good quality action shots are harder to produce. The best option would be to buy the most advanced point and shoot camera that also incorporated a fast shutter speed.

Besides from shutter speed, pixel resolution is another vital thing to keep in mind. As a whole, the greater the number of megapixels, the more crisp and sharper the images will be. However, quality of the photo will also depend on how you work with the camera.

There are many camera brands out there, and while you don't need to buy the high-end brands like the Canon t3i, you do need to check out recommendations by other bow hunting adventurers like yourself.

Aside from getting a digital camera, you will also need a tripod. Being able to quickly move around is essential for bow hunting and getting a lightweight outdoor tripod of about 6 ounces should be something to consider. Not only is he tripod light, but the fact that it has lots of flexibility will allow you to place it on trees and in the water stream, which will give you great angles for your photos.

Being outdoors also implies that you will need some kind of protection for yourself as well as the camera, which would ideally be a hardcover case and a cleaning kit. In the event of rain or high humidity areas, you should bring along some heavy-duty zip lock bags. In fact, there are some durable cameras out there that are built for these kinds of conditions, so keep a lookout for those.

Regardless of what you do, you should plan what you are going to do with your camera and how you to intend to take the pictures. You definitely don't want to spend all the time taking photos of the environment because you are trying to have fun bow hunting in the first place after all!

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