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The Orange Turban And Their Importance

By Mara Boone

Turbans are head coverings that are created by winding cloth around the hair. There are several different varieties of turbans, and are traditionally worn by men. Women world-wide wear turbans too. Communities that have prominent turban-wearing traditions are found in Asia, the Near East, the Arabian Peninsula, and certain parts of Africa. Amongst all the colors available, the orange turban is the most popular.

There are a multitude of reasons people wear turbans. Some wear them for religious or cultural reasons, while others just want to be fashionable. It is very common for people of the Sikh faith to wear this type of head-wear. Various colors have different meanings; however, the reason a Sikh chooses to wear a specific turban color is usually personal choice.

The Sikh faith has rules which all members must follow. One of these rules is to never cut their hair. This is meant to honor their creator. Because long hair can get tangled and dirty, Sikhs wear turbans to maintain the integrity of their hair. Sikh men must wear the turban, but women are allowed to wear a headscarf as an alternative. The religion does not require that a certain color of head covering is worn, and Sikhs may wear any color of their choosing.

Turbans are generally only removed at bath and bedtime. When removed, it is done so carefully so that it does not touch the floor. It is then cleaned and folded neatly to prepare it for the next use. The daily routine of a Sikh includes the keeping the hair neat and clean (either rinsing the hair with water or shampooing it). Many Sikhs wash their hair before morning meditation.

Many Sikhs of both genders like to match their hair coverings with their outfits of choice for that particular day. Women's headscarves may either be one color, or a multitude of colors. Many are even decorated with embroidery.

There are no rules that dictate Sikhs must don a solid color turban. However, most do choose to wear the same color on a daily basis because they prefer to, and it is much easier to do so. Black and blue are colors that are commonly worn, because they are easier to match with clothes.

Sikhs who are more traditional can choose colors that have significance in their culture. These colors are usually worn by older people of generations past, and those who have been brought up in a more traditional manner. Each color has a different meaning.

The color orange is representative of wisdom and courage, and royal blue is usually worn by those who are learned in the Sikh religion. Orange and blue are traditional colors of the Sikh religion. Some Sikhs generally wear only these two colors for their turbans and clothes. Red is commonly worn at weddings and other celebratory events. Two other commonly worn colors are white, which represents purity, and black, representing humility.

There are many color options available. That being said, the orange turban is a very popular choices for Sikhs because it is representative of two important qualities in the Sikh religion - knowledge and courage. Because orange is such an important color, it is common for Sikhs everywhere to have this color in their wardrobe.

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