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Toronto DJ Bob Hawkins Share Tips For Finding A DJ

By Bob Hawkins

Your special day is coming and you want to ensure that you have a memorable Wedding event. Here are just a few quick tips from Toronto DJ Bob Hawkins, to ensure your Wedding entertainment will be a memorable time for you, your family and friends.

Tip 1. How to Seek out a Professional Disc Jockey and why. When looking for a DJ for your wedding event or any other big important event event, be sure to ask the disc jockey what their policy is, if their equipment should fail? Or what happens if the Disc Jockey becomes ill on your big day? One thing a professional service always has, is a backup plan and alternative equipment available as well as experienced people on standby until the completion of the last function.

Note that many part-time disc jockeys may rarely have a support network behind them to assist if any mishap should occur on the all important day of your reception. You only plan to do this once and a professional DJ is always equipped with a backup plan and years of experience too.

Tip 2. Ask The Wedding DJ about the number of years they have been providing services. Don't forget to ask them about their dress code? If your Wedding event is being done in Canada, you may want to ask whether the professional DJ is licensed with the Audio-Video Licensing Agency. If they are not, your special event could end abruptly, if a licensing inspector finds that your Disc Jockey is not licensed by the AVLA.

Tip 3. Beware of the temptation of Hiring a best Friend to DJ your event. If you ask a friend or relative to handle your function, you need to consider this: It could save only a little money, but it could also cost you a friendship! Your special occasion will be conducted just once, and it needs to be done with an experienced professional to avoid disappointment.

Tip 4. Remember when choosing a Wedding DJ to ask about the selection criteria for music. How many songs can they offer at your event. What types of Genres of music can they provide? Do they offer a service to pre-select a variety of your type of music? Do they carry a selection of only 500 songs or can they provide you with a choice of thousands? All good questions to ask up front.

Tip 5. Ask the Wedding DJ you are interviewing if they can provide you with a few recent testimonials from satisfied clients. This is another good thing to check and request the type of examples similar to the Wedding event or other event that you have in mind. Any professional Disc Jockey who has been in business for several years will have a volume of solid client testimonials for you to review.

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