mardi 25 juin 2013

Current Trends And Contemporary Sculptors

By Allyson Whitley

Throughout the 20th century, the arts changed dramatically due to technological advances and the urge to experiment and push boundaries. Contemporary sculptors are free to use traditional materials, tools and methods or to ignore them completely. Some use a unique combination of old and new to express their particular vision.

They have the option of using many tools that were previously unavailable. The processes formerly accomplished with hand tools are now possible with power tools like grinders and cordless drills. New adhesives allow almost any materials to be bonded instantly and permanently. Industrial diamond tools were almost unknown to the sculptor two decades ago and can now be used to carve and shape a wide variety of hard materials like brick, concrete, glass and stone.

Traditionally, materials such as bronze, marble, wood and metal were used. Technological advances have produced many new types of synthetic materials and composites. These are being experimented with today as they are lightweight, strong and weather resistant. There is virtually no limit to the materials being used today, with many artists choosing to use recycled materials and found objects to create their works.

Sculptural techniques have remained the same for centuries. Human and animal likenesses are still modeled in clay and stone, wood and bone are still carved. However, many of these processes are now influenced by the introduction of new materials and tools.

In the past, the human form was very significant in sculpture. This changed as the 20th century wore on. The new subjects were more abstract in nature, involving ideas and emotions. Space and form were also studied. Any aesthetic concerns were secondary to the importance of the concept being expressed.

As sculpture has developed, the trend has been towards more individualism, although it still shows its debt to the past. There has also been a blurring of boundaries between different artistic forms. Artists are making more use of mixed media.

The idea of the viewer standing in front of a sculpture in a museum or art gallery has also been turned in its head. Huge public works and environmental sculptures have been created that complement the surroundings. They even allow people to pass through them and stand inside them rather than just observing them.

When buying contemporary sculptures, it is a good idea to visit online art discussion forums and browse websites to gain as much information as possible about the subject. It is also important to get an idea of prices considered typical for specific mediums or types of sculpture before making a purchase.

Contemporary sculptors are fortunate to have the freedom to use a huge range of different materials and combine them in countless different ways. This gives them the opportunity to stretch boundaries. These works may draw from tradition, go in a completely new direction or combine both with the vision of the individual bringing all the elements together in inspiring works.

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