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How To Begin A Studio Meant For Ceramic Painting

By Ines Brennan

Bowls made of clay plus pottery designs long have existed. Today, pots are more used for design instead of function. Pottery that is artistic in nature gives a room some texture. The adding of paint to a few pottery pieces will bring one splash of shades in order to help accentuate a room. Starting one studio meant for ceramic painting Phoenix must address these trends when it comes to customer taste, whether such a venture is only your own or that which invites all to create their own pottery.

Select strategies for income generation which you could incorporate in an easy way to your present business concept, expertise, as well as operation schedule. Possible income generators will include classes dedicated to those interested in pottery and the selling of original designs. You can also have that space rented to amateur sculptors needing one place to work.

Obtain a license for resellers to eliminate the responsibility you have in paying taxes for paint, clay, plus other materials needed to create the piece. Have a business license obtained as well. Call the revenue department and then have an application requested.

Be sure that you estimate costs dedicated to ship, supplies, plus studio rental. Be certain of applying for bank loans. It can make you pay for the supplies used just for painting, studio renting, and other costs needed so the business opens at every time needed.

Work with one commercial kind of real estate agent to find a studio which you could rent. Visit several possible studios before you finally decide. There is a need to avoid limiting yourself to only one or maybe two choices. Instead, take some time to make the choice. You can, otherwise, end up choosing the wrong one.

Establish a website or have one established for you through hiring experts of this field. You can hire experts through virtual means or through other resources around. Also, establish an account with one company dedicated to shipping who could deliver any pieces ordered through your domain.

You next should look for art supply wholesalers. Get workbenches, a kiln of the electric kind, bins, plus other needed supplies. Also, you should get molding clay, if you could not or have no time to make your own. Should you consider making clay of your own, have a single cup of water mixed with the same measure of flour, and salt right over low heat. Cool this mixture after. Have the initial set of samples created.

Obtain a camera to have images of samples taken. Give these to the graphic designer so he can make a brochure with these. Then have local retail ventures solicited. Create a listing of retailers in your place who sell some pottery, artwork, as well as home design fixtures. Give them some copies of the brochure together with the order slip.

Then have the studio dedicated to ceramic painting Phoenix marketed. Attend festivals dedicated to art. Rent one booth and have the pieces you have made displayed. Stack several copies of the brochure you have for those in attendance. Keep in mind that people actually would want to see one craftsman making art in the booth and not just sell it.

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