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How To Make Money From Music: Multiple Sources Of Income

By Adam Galloway

As a musician, you can make money in more ways than you think. If you're an artist who's lost in how to use your skills, there are multiple ways to utilize these musical talents. Licensing your songs for TV, composing scores for films or video games, playing live & selling merchandise, and even collaborating with others who can give you that money making boost!

Royalties are a great thing! As a musician, your best friend's are "production music libraries" and the concept of licensing. This is signing away certain rights to your song in exchange for having your song featured in a commercial, movie, TV show, web series, and getting paid for it! It takes some time to study the ins & outs of the production music game, but once you understand contracts and what these libraries look for, you can essentially put your songs to work for you. Musicians can make $1,000-100,000 from this if you have a decent number of songs and are talented enough! This income is created by royalties (back-end & front-end) and occasionally being paid up front. Don't expect to make money for a while, but once you do, it's automated and all the work is really the setup process. Make it a goal to get a certain number of songs signed by a certain time to a certain number of libraries, and always organize your songs. Once you have achieved this goal, you can start diving into another money-making opportunity from your music.

Being a film composer is one of the most exciting things as a musician, as you are finally able to see your music instead of just hear it. Go to freelance job search sites and subscribe to job listings in the topic you want a job in. Creating music for a certain visual vibe gives you a great sense of accomplishment, along with an audience when it's screened!

Finding another artist who fits the need or void of your music can definitely increase your knowledge of music, but it can also allow you to create something you never could do with your own solo material. Even if you're introverted, look online for artists who just want to exchange files and learn how to do that. No matter what type of musician you are, collaborations are extremely healthy. Think of it this way: In life, you need love and somewhat of an in-person social life. This also applies the same way to your music. Get out there and network with real people at least 5-10% of the time. Over time increase this percentage, as it will get easier!

As an artist, you can collaborate with others or do your own thing completely. This is the freedom you have as a musician. Becoming an artist who is known by the masses or niche music indie markets is a dream for many. This is of course the toughest obstacle to overcome as a musician, because this is based solely on the fact that you must not only write amazing music that will translate to sales, but also because you must learn to market yourself and get your name out there as an artist. Over time, if are a great musician and a decent marketer, you will make digital & CD sales and create fans over time. "If you need help on marketing your music, I'd suggest this blog here."

If you're a producer who enjoys writing hip hop or rap beats, why not think about starting your own beat-selling business? You can create a beat store that sells instrumental beats automatically for you. Google "beat store" or "buy beats" and check out some beat sites, start taking notes, get a domain, create your website, and start marketing your beats! This gives you a ton of practice with marketing and business, so spend a few months setting all this up, learning more about selling beats, and optimize your website and social media to rank high in the search engines. This is done through SEO (search engine optimization). Go to Google keyword research tool and start searching terms that you think your target audience would type and start including these keywords in the right places.

Playing live is not only an extremely fun and invigorating experience, but also a huge money maker if you have a merchandise booth. Get the credit card app for your phone and hire someone to man the merchandise booth no matter where you play (pending venue promoters requests of course). If you have a budget, get awesome lights, some fog/dry ice, and create a really cool live atmosphere!

All music makers and producers need electronic sounds, especially within the last decade or so. Making unique, high quality samples, loops, and/or drum kits is another way to give yourself some money from your talents. If you know how to do this, utilize it and sell sound packs. If you don't have any idea where to start, do your research and dedicate yourself to it. You may even get more sales from this than you think.

Keep thinking as a creative mind to find new ways to make money with music, or dig into old ways to make money and be the best you can be at that specific avenue. A lot of people think being a musician is a dead beat career, however if you are a smart musician, you can be one of the few who are quite rich from music and create a business for yourself as a music entrepreneur.

Build your music brand, identity, and business day by day. Whether you license your songs, compose over video, collaborate with others, sell beats, play live, or sell sample/loop packs, you can find numerous ways to make money from music. Those who seek the most profitable sources of income in the music industry rather than fame, will result in fortune over time. Be smart. Don't expect instant fame, but the hard work will pay off.

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