dimanche 16 juin 2013

Learn About Arts Effect On Society

By Margarita Joseph

Arts effect on society can be described using various terms because it is a wide concept which is found in various sectors. It can be found in activities that involves creativity or a job which uses special skills so that it can be implement. It is the drawings that are drawn by professions, the career in the world of music, the ability to capture and record activities on tapes and even other hobbies.

This has had effects on the people either positively or in negative way. However, it has not stopped it from going on and even developing to other areas which are in remote areas or the local communities. The spread of this concept has influenced the life of people by improving or adopting new methods that were not used before some gain new experiences.

The art can be discovered by using all the resources that are available. Some are not so easy to get but with assistance they are able to achieve them. Almost every activity uses this concept and the only difference is the output or means of production. The creativity and passion drives them to perform more and better hence increasing income.

Taking films by journalists has also brought certain consequences to the people. If the tapes have some features which show atrocities could make the individuals either be frightened or develop a feeling of vengeance to the parties concerned. Most of this is usually based on political lines and the leaders try to incite them into getting back at the source of violence. The area is therefore filled with chaos and could lead to destruction of property and loss of life.

On a positive dimension it has led to the growth and development of the economy of the country and stabilizing the way of earning an income. The versatility in the process has made it become the most common and easily available way of earning the daily bread. The experience benefits those who want to venture more into it.

Improved levels of technology have made the dreams of people become possible. They ease the method by providing an easy and quite affordable makes that is embraced by many due to the efficiency. This shows the country and world is growing at a rapid rate since a new invention or product spreads with no time.

The members of a given community can try to go against some actions or behaviors since they regard them as loss of morals. Organizations and movements have campaigned against this but because the greatest percentage who adopts the process is the youth, they do not get a chance to succeed. They therefore target at reducing or controlling those in the industry hence minimization of the practices.

Arts effect on society have led to general improvement of the way of life of the members. They view it differently and try to mend where the actors are not perfect or going wrong. This brings up a morally upright community that is bound together.

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